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Exclamation Mini-14s and Clamp on Bayo Lugs

Looking for a clamp on Bayonet lug for the Mini-14 184 series (the pencil barrel).

Cheaper than dirt used to sell one from DPMS,
ARR-044 - AR-15 and M16 Light Weight Barrel Bayonet Adaptor DPMS Easy Install Lug Light Weight Barrel
but looks like it is no longer stocked.

I found this one here.

Bayonet Lug Adapter Light Bayo Lug Apadter, 630" Barrel Light M&A Parts, Inc.

However, it looks like it is made for a thicker barrel according to the description, so I'm not hopeful that it'll work.

What say you??
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Maybe a good machinist could make a sleeve for your bbl?

All the best,
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Has anyone who has mounted a clamp on style bayonet lug, notice a change in POI afterwards? I imagine the barrel pressure might change something somewhere.
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