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Red face New Member, most likely same old question

Hello everyone, glad to be a part of this forum after a friend recommended this one to me for my Mini-14. My question, which I'm sure has been answered in one of the 16,000+ threads before this one is, I have a Mini-14 Ranch Rifle with a serial number that starts with 187-71*** is this capable of shooting 5.56 NATO even though it only say .223 on the back end of the bolt carrier?? Just trying to make sure so I don't try it and break it without knowing for sure.
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Fire away, you are good the chamber is cut for the 5.56 nato and 223. The only mini that is not is the Target model, 223 only.
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Yes, I'm sure its ok and welcome to the forum.
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Is it true we should stay away from steel, painted and Russian rounds in the Mini?
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