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Caveat to all my posts, in case you wonder.

Just in case anybody is wondering, Shooting for me is relaxing, challenging, fun and economical. For me, all information I share is geared toward those four categories and has been proven in my own backyard using my own gear and time.

SAFETY IS A GIVEN, AND IS PARAMOUNT. The four categories above are completely dependent upon this one.

In shooting sports, my personal feeling is simply that people who shoot must take responsibility in every area of the sport. Reloading gear manufacturers, powder and bullet companies and firearm manufacturers all go to extreme lengths to ensure our safety, but the bottom line is still the individual.

You won't find me reminding people of things they are responsible for, ala youtube videos telling me your gun is unloaded and safe, blah, blah, blah. I haven't been afraid of getting accidentally shot by a you tube video since the first one i ever watched.

Any assumptions made by anyone are their own, but in reloading nobody in their right mind copies a load off the internet and tries it, so you won't find me reminding people not to do that. On the other hand, I will NEVER post a maximum load on the internet either. Period.

I won't mention the position of my safety if i take a picture of my rifle with a loaded magazine showing in the open chamber or tell you what direction the gun is pointed.

I have no malice to those who do this, but wanted everyone to understand I won't.

You may safely assume I survived to type my info-post and nothing more. any other assumptions you make are your own.

I think I may have accidentally just done what I am saying i won't do...but this time was deliberate and not typical for me.

Just in case anybody wonders.

Shoot more, type less.
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Got it... and spot on. I always laugh at the nannies on youtube... its gotten incredibly ridiculous... I expect one day to see them merely using drawings of the firearm and simulating the shots with a recording from the range...
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You make too much sense, justasking. Love it.
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Sense on the internet, that's unpossible!

Good points.
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I have been all over the forums where reloading in particular is discussed and I see people saying stuff like "i am not responsible if you try this load and blow your gun up" or "this is a MAX load and safe in my gun...." followed by simple regurgitation of what is printed on every jar of powder and in every book regarding working up your own load.

From day one, as a reloader, I felt it has serious disaster potential. This seemed obvious to me and I would give everyone enough credit to see this without my tutelage. I decided to buy a book, read it through and proceed according to it. I think this would be the one thing I WOULD pass on to a new reloader if it looked like that was good advice to keep him/her safe. Buying and reading a book is the best first step.

The trick is passing information in a manner that doesn't embarrass or make anyone feel like you are lording information over them. I will try to do that. That seems responsible to me. Caveat to the
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You are so awesome !!!!!!
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