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Question bolt sticking on mini14

hi all. i have a mini and when i close the bolt i can open it back up again. if i leave it closed over night it will stick closed. it takes a pretty good rap to get it opened. the weapon is perfectly clean.does anyone else have this problem? thanks in advance..
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i had this problem when putting it away hot at the range. Someone told me to let it cool before i closed the bolt, and that seemed to fix the problem. thats all i got
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I store all my minis with bolt open. You might try taking a steel toothbrush and scrub the gas piston. Or put a polishing compound on the piston and cycle the op rod by hand about 20X. This will give the op rod a little more clearance on the piston.
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thanks tri70. sounds reasonable. will give it a shot...
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Scrubbing the gas piston is good but why not take it one step further. The blind hole on the end of the op-rod can get really skanky. Shoot some brake cleaner in there then let it sit a spell. Lots of foo-foo will come out.
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