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? about magazines

I have some 40 rd. pmi or bingham mags according to the pictures on here and they just hang out to far. So what I would like to know, has anyone ever cut one down and made it into a 20 or 30 rd mag ? I thought about selling them, but on gunbroker it looked to me as if they are worth nothing.

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How do the shoot and feed in your mini? Some that feed well would be worth $25-30 each.
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Every 40 round mag for a Mini 14 I have ever got my hands on ended up being swiss cheese after they turned my mini into a jamb-O-matic.
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if they feed with any degree of reliability I'm sure you could find a buyer or 2 on here. I recently bought 2 PMI 40's from a forum member here and 2 Triple K 40's from midway; The Triple K functioned flawlessly multiple times and each of the PMI's had one jam in 2 loads.
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