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I made my buffers out of dirt Devil vacuum cleaner belts about ten years a go. I think i remember guys using 1911 buffers but i think they tinned them quite a bit. I took some pix of my buffers you could use 1911 buffers the same way.

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Mine are in the exact same location... Only they are very short "cuts" of Earl's Blue automotive/Silicone hose that's rated to 250psi or 500psi at 500f? Or something like that.

Tough stuff, used for pushlock fittings on fuel lines, oil lines etc.

It was free, in that I keep scrap hose in a tote with nothing but scrap hose/spare hose, so I always have some hose around. (Never goes to waste, and no, I'm not a hose horder... LOL)

Just take a sharp knife, or in my case, I use my Craftsman sheers to snip the hose nice and thin, so using two buffers, they don't affect the action working correctly, or the last round hold open, but it does reduce the clang, and keeps the brass closer, and more in a general area v/s all over the range.

The "Wilson" 1911 buffers I tried lasted less than 250 rounds before it split on the front, and was totally missing from the rear. Have no idea where it went, it was not inside the action/stock either. Must have broken into a few pieces, and been lost out the rifle somewhere.

The Earl's mod holds up fine, my front ring at the gas port shows some signs of the blue outer, and black inner hose being seperated, but since it's cord reinforced, and bonded pretty good, it's holding up now at over 500 rounds. It's dirty, but there. The rear buffer shows some deformation to the shape of the action, but that's it. NO worse for wear at all.

They are much softer than the Wilson plastic ones, and I think that's a benefit. It absorbs the energy, and that's the idea. The bolt cycles fully, and it works fine.
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Originally Posted by 51colt View Post
I think i remember guys using 1911 buffers but i think they tinned them quite a bit.
The Wilson Shok-Buffs are thin enough to function flawlessly in the Mini (or at least in mine...). Fore and aft, they've really cut down on the "clank-clank" of the op rod. Whether they've helped accuracy or not, I have no clue.
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If they do nothing more than stop the "clank-clank" they are doing the job well! If they wear out they are cheap to replace.
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This is a picture of the front buffer made from leather.

This is the back, made of leather. There is two layers.

I would like to add that they have been in there for a long time, seen many rounds fired.
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I don't have a pic but last night I installed my own leather buffer in the gas block of my Mini-30 Tactical. I noticed the forward edge of the op rod has a small shelf or lip...meaning it is not flat. I'm not sure if this is a 581 thing. Anyway, it still works but I can see the smaller cross section of this shelf/lip is making a deep depression into my leather buffer. I think it will still work fine but wonder if it will bite thru the leather after enough rounds are fired. I'll keep an eye on it and report back.
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Had some 1911 buffers made by CP BUFFS and put one up front and back, went out shooting today and put 100 rounds thru and my 581 shot great and no clanking. Got home and took it apart and inspected the buffers and the one in the rear was in good shape but the one up front was badly damaged after 100 rounds. Is ther a 1911 buffer that can take the beating and last in the front position?
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Shok-Buff Recoil Buffer 1911 Government Commander Polyurethane Package of 6
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Originally Posted by tri70 View Post
Buffers are not dangerous, they dampen the slamming of the op rod. I use a vacuum cleaner belt because it's thin and will not cause FTF from the bolt closing. I take a 9mm case and knock out for the guide rod and gas piston, very durable.
Hi. Very good,Why is it i never think of this things, May be to old, But i will have my grandson make a few of them.Thanks for your post.
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