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Series 182

Hi All

I just purchased a Mini 14 182 series with a Butler Creek folding Stock. I'd like to get the best performance out of it so am looking at the Accustrut mod? What other "mods" can be made to a 182? I'm new to the rifle so any advice from more experienced people would be welcome!

Thanks in advance

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I have a 182 Series mini as well. The strut is next on my list. I had a folding stock originally but switched to a Hogue Overmolded. The action is tighter (can be bedded if need be) and my groups got better. Also with the pencil barrel of the 182 I cut it down to 16" and added a PWS TTO brake. I am quite happy with it now. I also added an Amega Ranges rail It. mounts to the gas block and clamps to the barrel. This makes the barrel more rigid but I don't know how the barrel harmonics were affected ( + or - ). I run mine with a red dot so a sniper rifle this isn't (is any mini?) But I can hit golf balls at 100yds. off a bag.

You will find many many many posts on this. Alot of quality posts and some banter. There are also strut vendors (among others) who are very active on these boards. Hit up the search feature, you'll be happy.

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Hi Drew

Thanks a lot for that....I now know 100% more than I did! It can get a bit overwhelming just starting out with semi's. Handguns always been my thing but looking forward to the ride!

We can get most semi's here in South Africa but the most common (read affordable) is the mini. Great thing is we don't have any limitations on Mags etc!

Thanks a lot.
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