Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30 Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30 family of rifles

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Value of Mini 14 Bicentennial Carbine?

What is the going rate these days for a Bicentennial Carbine in very good shape?
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The 180 series mini values are on the low end of shooter value. Seems that they are going between $400 - $500, depending on condition, NIB up to $600 on The 180's have a longer reciever and therefore many of the parts are incompatible (not interchangeable) with 181 series and newer minis. Some people value the 180's because they are supposedly more easy to convert to full auto fire. They cannot take replacement stocks, so don't break the one you have! (Unless you can find a 180 stock for sale). There is some collector value in the early "southport" minis as they had a rear adjustable sight like the M-14, M1 Garand and a gold dot front sight. These were made in 1974, serial number less than 1000. Good luck.
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Thank you for the info.
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