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Exclamation Warne Quick Release Ring Mistake

If anyone is thinking about getting the Warne quick release Ruger rings just be careful when you order them that you are ordering the Warne 1RLM (med height, matte finish) or the 2RLM (high height, matte) for mini 14's. I accidentally ordered the 1R7LM from cheaper than dirt that said they fit the Ruger 77. They fit the mini 14 too but one ring is higher than the other so I had to send them back! After searching for them I noticed that sites only say that it fits Ruger firearms, and none mention the height difference. Also the mini 14 rings are very difficult to track down, and are either sold out or way too expensive. I just wanted to give some people a heads up. I ended up ordering the right rings here with free shipping. BTW they are extremely well made and are super easy to use, I would recommend them to anyone trying to mount a scope on a mini.
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Thanks for the heads up. I haven't seen those rings before but they look promising. Would you give us a range report with some pics???
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Absolutely, I ordered a Redfield Revolution 3X9X40 and hope to get it to the range some time this week! Because of the design of the scope bases the rings can only be mounted in one exact spot, so if you remove the quick the scope for cleaning or to use the irons it will maintain it's zero. I am looking forward to it!
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I've had the Warne quick release rings on my 580 for almost 2 years now with a Burris Short Mag 4x32 scope. I wasn't expecting them to keep their zero very well after taking them on and off, but they surprisingly work very well! And when they're on, they stay on nice and tight. I'll try to get some pics up today.
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Good news everyone!
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Man, I have a drawer full of those damn Butler Creek scope covers; I can't help buying them but If I get the right size it's a crapshoot. That chart on the package is worthless!
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Originally Posted by SRPatriot View Post
Good heads up. Who would have thought that the integral scope mounts on the 77 were at different heights (unless you own one)?

Here's Warne's scope ring chart. Whenever possible, I try to check the manufacturer for the real specs on their products. I found all kinds of contradicting sizing info about Butler Creek Flip-Open Scope Covers - the charts available from the manufacturer were much more helpful and allowed me to order the right ones.
The chart is how I came to understand my mistake. I just figured that because Ruger uses the same scope bases (which are designed very well) it would fit all of them. The small semi circle groove is what helps the scope hold it zero, as long as you don't loosen the upper part of the rings it can only be placed in same spot on the rifle.
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Yup. I got screwed with a wrong order.
It's been a year and I can't remember who I bought them from, but it was a phone order- and I specifically stated they were for the Mini-14.

They had some trouble locating the model number, then told me over the phone they had them so I placed the order.

When they arrived they were the standard Warne rail mount QD rings.
Rather than send them back and try to locate the correct rings, I had them send me a Warne rail mount for the Mini. In the end, I was happy with the rail installation...
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