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Mo-Rod for the Mini-14 Ranch Rifle?

I was looking at the Mo-Rod device tonight. Who else has one from this forum? I am on the verge of purchasing a stabilizer, and I like how this one looks. It also seems to be very functional going by the testimonies.

So, what kind of luck have you had with yours? Also, can anyone give me a comparison between this device and say .. the Accu-Strut .. or any of the other options out there?

Oh, and will this drastically affect my point of impact? I HATE zeroing in my Mini. I actually lost my sight tool, too. I need a new one anyways, but I hate to have to buy a stabilizer AND the tool when money is tight as it is ..
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My understanding is any stabilizer will change point of impact by at least a small amount. I don't see anyway around that unless you happen to have the "perfect" barrel. kwg
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My mini would get me on paper at 100 yards pre Mo-Rod and after Mo-Rod so I have no idea what and if anything made a difference. Certainly not sub MOA but I wasn't expecting that either . I just pull the trigger and have fun

In all honesty, it wouldn't be fair to say that it DIDN'T make a difference either but I certainly like the look especially with a GB barrel which is a tougher fit to find with struts.
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I'd ask you about the group size, but I guess that's irrelevant since they didn't really change for you (noticeably)

I can get on paper at that distance too, however my groups are inconsistent and wide even from a bench. As a new Mini shooter, that was kind of disappointing at first. Then I realized I was going to use this for a 100 yard and IN gun anyways, so it's no big deal. If that Mo-Rod helps me tighten these groups up by 30 percent, I'll be REALLY pleased, though. Especially at the asking price.

Plus you're right .. it looks pretty AWESOME! =)
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I have an older ranch rifle with a 1 in 7 factory barrel. It shoots just fine without a barrel stableizer. But I also spent the time to try many differant bullets. I also use 2 shims in the stock to keep the reciever from shifting during recoil an old garand match shooting trick.
Dime size groups are normal for my mini with 69 grain match kings.
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I got a Mo-Rod for my 183-series Mini back a couple of years ago when they first came out and have been really happy with the results every since. Essentially, it took a gun that would shoot 4" groups at 100 yards and begin opening up to 6" to 8" as the barrel heated up from rapid fire and turned it into a consistent 2" grouping gun with no heat stringing.

I don't think it changed the point of impact more that an inch or so at 100 yards, and was no big deal to adjust. Since installing the Mo-Rod and making the initial sight adjustments I haven't had to touch the sights again.

The service and quality at Mo-Rod has been excellent. I had my Mo-Rod in my hands and ready to install on my gun within 7 days of ordering. Installtion takes about 5 minutes with no modifications to your gun required.

Can't give you any comparison with the Accu-Strut product as I've never owned one. I think the people that have owned them for their Mini's would likewise provide a favorable report. Pricing and lack of availability stopped me from getting one during my initial search for a rod.
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I installed a Mo-Rod about 2 months ago on a 197 series. I was shooting open sight groups of about 4" @50 yrds, with noticable stringing as the barrel got hot. Those groups sizes shrunk to about 2" @ 50 with no noticable heat stringing. Since mounting a scope, that has come down to about 1" @ 50 and 2"@100yrds. Another thing to note is that there has been a dramatic effect on heat dissipation of the barrel. I've burned myself more times than I care to admit while setting down/picking up a mini 14. Since installing an accurizing strut, the barrel takes many more shots to come to a boil, and cools down much quicker. I'm guessing this is due to the surface area of the struts acting like a heat sink against the barrel.
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Thanks, guys! I will be purchasing the Mo-Rod at the beginning of March! =)
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