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P220forever 07-03-2010 14:38

.223 ammo and barrel twist
I thought it would be great if members listed their experience with what ammo performs best with the different twist rates of the various Mini-14 barrels over the years. And what range of bullet weights stays acccurate for each twist rate.
1:7 twist
1:9 twist
1:10 twist

67rschev 07-03-2010 22:00

I have a 1 in 9 16 inch . Works best with 50 to 60 grain ballistic tips (any brand ) . Not so good with the 68 match Hornaday hpbt that I have tried , groups really opened up to down right bad . I did pick up some Nosler 69s yesterday for an AR that I am now working with , and I'll try some in the Mini . They have a very different ogive than the Hornaday match bullets so we shall see . Best plinkin bulk I have used is the 55 gr Hornaday fmj w canalure , 5 shots in a clover at 50 meters , and 1 1/2 at 100 . I think I read they have a very good BC to them over any other fmj s .

dkac2 07-03-2010 22:48

The 55's work best in my 1 in 10.
I just ordered some 69 grn Matchkings for my Tactical. How many different loads did you try with those bullets? It should work good with the matchkings, but the 62 Grn may be better. The 1-9 should handle up to 75 grn. I know of several 1-9's that like the 69 grn matchkings, so I hope it's just a difference in guns or just needs more load work up.
I hope I didn't waste money on a bunch of bullets.
I just re read your post (it's late) and I have talked to others who said the 68 grn Hornaday bullets did not work well in their 1-9 mini's, but the Match Kings do. so I hope I'm good, I'll see. Next week is loading week and I'm going to try a lot of loads and powder.

John K

Wtex 07-04-2010 03:52

Have a 181 series with a 1/10 twist. My mini shoots best with Winchester and Remington 55 gr fmj ammo, while it doesn't like Federal 55gr fmj or my 55gr fmj handloads. It shoots OK with 62 gr green tips, tried some 69gr bullets once and it did very bad.

dkac2 07-04-2010 08:47

I tried some 62 grn handloads in a 1-10, shot reaaly bad, but it could have been the loads, they were just some I threw togather to see if it would shoot them. May not have been a good load. If anyone has had good luck with a 62 grn bullet in a 1-10 twist, I's sure like to know. I'd like to have special loads for my 1-10 and 1-9 and a load that would work in both, even if not as good as the specilized loads for each rifle.

John K

qwman68 07-05-2010 01:10

my 580 series 1/9 twist shoots everything pretty good, but my best groups have been with 60gr. sierra varmiters.

dkac2 07-06-2010 08:14

I'm thinking that accuracy might be best with some of the plastic tip hunting type bullets, problem is I don't want hunting bullets, I'm looking more at quality FMJ type bullets.There are only so many good one's around.
I did order some 69 matchkings, but they are pretty thin jacketed and sometimes not at their best until past 100 yds.

John K

jimbobborg 07-06-2010 08:19

Mine has a 1 in 9 twist, 183 series, shoots everything from 52gr to 69gr under 2" at 100 yards. I don't use the Mini as a prairie dog blaster, so it works fine for me.


dkac2 07-06-2010 22:31

The one in nine is great for just abouy everything.
I have a friend who singlely loaded 75 grn HPBT's and they shot almost as good as the 69's, just didn't want to feed.

John K

qwman68 07-06-2010 23:00

with the 1/9 twist, i think the 69gr. will be the heaviest bullet i will load. i wouldnt mind trying some 73gr. or some 75gr. just to see how they shoot out of my rifle.

dkac2 07-07-2010 07:52

The one's we shot were accurate, but not as much so as the 69 grn.
It might be fun to have some around anyway.

John K

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