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Are Centerpoint scopes any good on a Mini?

I have been wanting to get a scope for my Mini-14. The more I read about scope the more I think that you spend large sums of cash for only marginal reliability over scopes costing far less. Some say that what the high end scope makers (Nikon, Bushnell, Burris, etc.) do is put their name on cheaply made scopes and charge a bunch of money for it.

I have been reading about the Centerpoint 4-16x40 and how good it is for the money. It is made for an air rifle (they tend to bring scopes out of zero more than other rifles) and are supposed to be really tough.

Walmart has it for about $70. Is it a POS or is it any good?

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I have one (4-16) and the adjustment locking rings would come loose after 15-20 rds. Other than issues.

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I got an Adventure class scope made for a muzzleloader or shotgun, 2-7X32 and it works great. the eye relief wasn't 5 inches but it's very adequate. Now for some QD rings...
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I know this is old, but there is very little info here. I have been using the centerpoint 4-16x40 on my .308 bolt action for nearly 1000 rounds without issue.

I use the ar22, made for .22lr, but still recoil "rated" to 416 rigby, on my mini. It is 3-9x32 and is issue free. By contrast, the bushnell 4-12x40 I tried would not maintain zero on the mini, but was not ruined for use on my .223 bolt action.

I have not tried the 4-16x40 centerpoint on the mini, but the .308 recoil is Way more, although not in the forward direction like the mini. I have roughly 500 rounds through the mini on the ar22 optic. I have also used a centerpoint red dot on the mini without issue, as well as an AIM sports reflex sight....all without issue. Hope that helps. I am cheap and a fan of centerpoint. If my mini kills the ar22, I may reconsider, but it has about 2 years of service on my bolt action .22 and two different 10/22s before the mini...thousands of rounds of .22lr.

God Bless!

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who are the some that say major manufactures put there names on cheap scopes and charge a high price ? people on the internet? . a couple of years ago for some reason everybody decided to get me a rifle scope for christmas .
2 were center points a 4x16x50 and a centerpoint red dot an ncstar 3x9 and a ncstar 4 power ar15 scope .before the month was over all four ended up in the trash can at the gun range . savage 308 killed the 4x16 , 458 socom killed the red dot 308 rock river killed the nc star and a home build 5.56 carbine took car of the ar scope . yep they may last a year or they may last an hour . there are bargins out there but you have to watch for them . save a bit more and buy a redfield you wont be sorry.
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Cheap scopes have their place. And cheap isn't the same as it was when this thread began in 2010. You saw Midway's $39.99 sale on the 3-9x40, right?
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The sporting goods associate at wally world told me they have never taken one back as long as he has worked there...several years. He does the inventory and ordering and they do sell well. On his advice I decided to try these and I am happy with mine. They have some other economical red dot there too, but I am not sure the brand. A buddy of mine has it and likes it on his AR15. I suppose it may be a crap shoot, but my luck has been very good.

God Bless!

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You can find great prices on good scopes like Redfield Revolution 2x7 for $139 at Amazon. Use the web to find good glass at great prices, no regrets down the road or missing a once in a lifetime shot.
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I have the 2x7 on a Mini and it works well with no issues yet. kwg
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I used to have the CP 4-16 on my mini, also ran a bb gun 3-9 a cheap Simmons 3-9*50 and an NCStar. The only one that was a true POS was the NCStar. All the others held zero fine. Only complaint with the CP is its not real clear above 12x and the tracking isn't great, but if you zero and just use holdovers its fine. It now resides on my Savage fv .22. As I put a Vortex Strikefire red dot on my mini, for now. Might try a Optisan Mamba 1-4*30 I bought at the same time as the Vortex, but it is on my Savage 308 for now.

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