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Choate handguard

Is the choate m14 style handgaurd lower then the oem?

I got a new bushnell sportsman 4x-12x 40 ao. I had it mounted with weaver see through rings but ran out of adjustment on the scope all the way up and all the way to the right. Since I can't seem to use the arpeture sight with the see through rings any way and there out of alignment, I thought I'd try to use the supplied rings that came with my used gun. They are a 1/4" to low and the scope hits the hand guard. I'd rather leave the scope low and get the choate hand guard if it will work.

Will ruger swap rings for a used gun? or other recomendations for rings if the handguard will not work?

Thanks, Jeff
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It Works!

I installed the Choate hand guard on both my mini and my target mini so that the scopes clear. The Choate sits straight allowing for clearence at least for my scopes. Be aware that you have to smooth and blend the edges of the metal clip or it will gouge the barrel , I like mine for the smoother look over the stock Ruger hand guard. I understand Ruger will swap rings ,see what other members have to say on that matter.Hope this helps.
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