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Rail for Eotech and still able to use iron sights?

I am looking to install a rail onto my new NRA mini 14 to attach a Eotech. I want to able to use my iron sights with the Eotech attached, and prefer it to be somewhere further back towards the rear sight, just so the rifle won't feel too front heavy. I came across the B-Square Ruger to Weaver Adaptor, but I heard they weren't low enough for the rear sight to work. Anybody got any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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B-Square has two mounts; the lower ruger-to-weaver adapter, which may or may not have a workable slot, then there is the B-Square side-mount scope mount, which is certainly high enough to allow iron-sight use:

Possible issues here: it may be TOO high for some, some have trouble getting it to stay rigid (don't use the side screw for that, use the two top screws in concert with the side screw), be sure to get the new model with the large side screw, seems better made.
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Interesting, I'd like to see a pic of this mounted on a Mini.
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Thanks for the replies guys. I just came across this rail call the Amega Ranges Mini-Scout-Mount (AMEGAScout2, which will fit the new NRA minis). They claim the factory open sights can be use when no optics were attached. Anybody use or had one installed?
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