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Fiocchi 7.62x39 Ammo

I purchased some Fiocchi 7.62x39 ammo in a brown box marked 123 grains. It states Fiochhi usa with an eu sticker on the box. The claim was that it was boxer primed, brass, and non corrosive. (it looks boxer primed and is brass cased)

Nothing on the box states that it is not corrosive. The case headstamp is 7.62x39 usa. Anyone use this ammo and is it def non-corrosive.

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I haven't shot any Fiocchi, have heard&read it's good stuff. someone here has a line on good price for it in quantity. it is non-corrosive.
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Fiocchi seems to be good stuff. I've shot several hundred rounds of .223 without any problems. The gun shop that I do most of my business with generally has it available in bulk at a little better price than most of the other brands so that's what I've been using.
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if it's anything like the shotgun ammo it should be great. i've shot a ton of it at clays & it is a good performer.
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Ammunition To Go advertises it as non-corrosive.

Edit: Sorry Marlin 45, I somehow didn't see that you had already answered that question.

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Thanks for all the replies everyone. That is where I bought it. I didn't see any non corrosive markings on the box, hence my question.

I also picked up 18 boxes of Federal American Eagle at 9.97 a box. The store didn't mark it up yet and I bought all they had.
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