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Mini-14 180 series vs "regular" Mini-14, parts interchangeability and availability?

There is a 180 series Mini-14 at a local store on sale for $400. The action is nice and smooth and the gun seems to be in really great shape. I was thinking about having the barrel threaded and using my TAC-16 suppressor on it.

However I have ran into a problem. It seems that there are important differences between the 180 series and all other Mini-14's. Does anyone know what parts are different and if replacements are still available? Does anyone have links to pages that can explain the differences?

I think the most important questions is would this gun be a good "fun gun". I plan to use it and it would be nice to know I could get replacement parts if I need them. (Springs, etc.) I don't want to buy a collector gun. (Well, mabee I do, but I would at least like to know if I am getting a shooter or a collector gun.)

I would be very interested if the following parts are available or would interchange from "regular" Mini-14's

Adjustable gas block, Would like the option to turn off the gas for single shot use with suppressor. I know they make one for the "regular" mini, will it fit the 180?

Replacement barrels, this gun, if I buy it, is going to be used. The barrel is in great shape, but I would at least like to know that a replacement could be had if needed without being a totaly custom job.

Recoil Spring, from what I can find, the recoil spring is not interchangeable with the "regular" Mini and I can't seem to find a source for replacements. Are they still available.

Can anyone help me?
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For me, the hassle of hunting for replacement parts is just not worth it.

I would be looking for a new Mini.

Vaporite Instruction Manual

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A lot of money for an old mini. Get something newer 196 or so
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Don't buy it! I think it is the 180 series that Ruger no longer makes parts for. Like the others said look for a newer gun for that much money.
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180 Series rifle

I have a 180 series
rifle and there are other options. If you have the barrel replaced by accuracy international you get a new gas block. There are new extractors available and I also believe that new springs are avialble as well. They make them for older rifles than that so why not the 180 series rifle.
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180 series rifle has 180 rifle recoil springs.
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Hmmm, I still kinda want that Mini and I have done more looking and see that spare parts are available for it. If I tried to get the price down a bit, what would a "fair" price for a 180 series Mini-14 in very good condition be?
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Smile buy it

I just purchased a used 180 series mini 14 that is stamped made in the 200th year of american liberty. it has a wood forearm. now get this. called this gun shop about an hour from my home. I have been there a few times in the past. asked the guy if he had a mini 14 .223 ranch rifle and how much is it. he comes back on the phone and says to me that he has one and it is $319.00 and is in good condition. I get there. it is not a ranch rifle. it is a series 180 with a little rust on various places and the tag says $349.00. needless to say I was a little upset. I told him I was about an hour away and was he sure. he said yes. well he was just a clerk and never heard of a ranch rifle. so I bought it for 325.00 out the door. took it home and cleaned it up. the metal and bore are just about perfect with 99% bluing. the stock has some scratches but nothing major. it has a bird cage flash hider and it also came with a ruger factory 20 round mag in new condition. I guess I did ok.
wonder if it has any collector value because of what is stamped on the gun?
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