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AR 15 Bayonet Lug Adaptor for my MINI 14

Could anyone tell me if a bayonet lug adaptor made for the AR 15 will come close to fitting my Mini 14?

My mini 14 has the barrel threaded and an AR 15 flash suppressor attached. So I would like to be able to fix a M-9 bayonet (For fun). But that would require the bayo lug that is not there.

If this wont work is there any other ideas.

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I think choate made a lug just for the mini at one time.
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Take a look a Cheeper than Dirt. They have 2 different sizes.
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Thanks Powerkicker, I looked for one made by Choate but could not find it.

Thanks as well Packratt, I found the two different sizes like the ones cheaper than dirt has. Now I just need to mic my barrel and see if it will come close to fitting.

I wonder if anyone has put one on their gun already who would know.?

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When you find out what size to buy, let us know for refrence.
I might have to make an "evil" CA legal rifle just becasue
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