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Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30 Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30 family of rifles

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Bought a used 580 series mini 14 the other day, mostly due to what I've learned from these forums. I didn't realize it at the time, but I bought an early 580 without the newer, larger barrel. I think it's going to shoot just fine anyway, and if not, I'll apply the tips I've learned here. I pick her up on Friday, so I'll start tinkering after I get to the range.

Looking forward to chatting with you all.

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You found the right page ! Welcome to the club ! You've bought a toy that will bring joy and frustration to you but hours of good clean fun. Most of all you'll learn more about firearms, shooting, reloading and gunsmithing than 99%of the generic population on the dope of reality show poison. She'll also put food on the table, spend your $$$ and though she doesn't cook,fill you with good knowledge and smiles and may save your life and those you also love someday. Good as it gets with your clothes on ! Happy shooting !!!!!............
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Hello everyone. New member here. Never was a lurker, but found this site by referral from another site (don't remember which) while in pursuit of specific information on Mini 14s so I signed up right away.

I already own several Rugers and have for a good many years, but I bought my 1st Mini 14 about 4 months ago and had, and still have, many questions about it so this looked like THE place to get the best info. Better even than the Ruger forums, I think.

I've already found, and taken the advice given on a thread here, which turned out to be a winner, so thanks for letting me climb on board.
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Like some/most(?) of other posters, new here, and REALLY REALLY GLAD I FOUND THIS FORUM, although thru another forum...(pistol type),as I have a mini30 on layaway/lay by for the other half of the world. Retired military also, and cant wait to start putting all of my "fun money" into the "new" mini. Seems I have a lot of research to do, i.e. in reference to slings/scopes/magazines, but that will be part of the enjoyment. I am fully retired, so now i can afford to what i have wanted to do and buy for years. Thanks for having me, and letting me join.
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Retired LEO

Hey All,
Good to be on board, where there are some folks who appreciate one of the greatest firearms ever made. My personal experience with the Mini goes back to 1986, when I joined the California Department of Corrections. I had seen and handled a few Mini's back then, but had never fired one. The stainless GB model is the standard issue rifle for the entire department, which consists of 18 institutions. I was immediately impressed with the handling qualities of this little carbine, and quickly developed a fondness for it. During my tenure at CDC, I had the opportunity to become a range master, and have done two tours of duty at the Correctional Training Academy as a range safety officer. It was there, that my total respect for this little wonder became firmly settled. I saw many copies of this gun, that have had over a million rounds fired through them, and are still clicking along. There are no documents available to prove this claim, but one day, I spoke to the Chief of the Weapons Training Division about this. We sat down and estimated when these weapons first came on line at the academy, and then roughly figured out how many rounds per training cycle they had put through them. That was in 1989. To the best of my knowledge, those weapons are still on the line at the academy. I know the claim of a million rounds or more may sound exaggerated, but I can assure you that it is probably higher than that. This is a large academy that runs year round. In all my experience with the mini in CDC, I saw very few malfunctions. The only parts failure I can recall, was a broken extractor on one of the million round guns. We pulled a new extractor from the range maintenance kit, and had it back on the line in ten minutes. Other than that, I have never seen a mini stop due to parts failure. In seventeen years of quarterly qualifications and on duty shootings, I never saw a mini that didn't work when needed. By the way, those carbines at the academy were only cleaned at the end of the six week training cycle, and I never saw a jam that wasn't due to bad ammo, operator error (riding bolt into battery) or a totally worn out magazine, except for the brief experiment with plastic brass catchers. I have three mini's at this time, a stainless 185 GB, a blue 186 shortened to 13 inches with a 4 inch flash hider permanently installed, and a 185 stainless in a Butler Creek stainless folder. No, they are not target rifles. In my experience, most folks can't shoot to the ability of their guns, and in a fire fight, they tend to pray and spray, so all this talk of pin point accuracy in a fighting weapon is over estimated. The mini is the most rock solid reliable rifle I have ever seen, next to a good bolt action. I trusted it with my life for 17 years, and still do. The safety of my family and farm depend on this little jewel, and I wouldn't trade it for a shipping container of AR 15s. Nothing against those who like the AR, but my experience in the Army and Air Force did not endear it to me. Too fragile in the buffer tube area for me. When all those aluminum alloy receivers have been melted down to make beer cans, my great-great grandson will have my GB resting over his mantle, ready to go like the day she was made. I commend you all on having the intelligence to recognize the value of this awesome tool. You have nothing to apologize for, and a great deal to brag about, if you so choose. Just my two cents.

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Hello to everyone. I recently acquired my 186 series mini from a co-worker, who had been having trouble with his "one-shot semi-auto". I immediately recognized the problem when I saw the after-market mags he had purchased! I bought three Pro-Mag 30 rounders and put Ruger followers in them. Problem solved! I just found this forum, and it seems to be a really great and helpful place. Thanks for being!
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New (to me) Mini

I have wanted a Mini since my was "disappeared" for me nearly 30 years ago. No, I didn't find my old gun but that would have made a great story.

But I did find a gun. It started life as an All Weather Ranch Rifle, the original owner added the Ruger ATI stock, had a smith thread the barrel and add a flash suppressor ... presto a stainless Mini Tactical with an 18.5" barrel and less than 100 rounds through it.

Like I said, I have not had one in 30 years. Anything I should know?

I cannot wait to get to the range!
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Hi everyone. Just traded my Glock 19 for a NIB Mini-14 a few days ago. So far I love it. I'm not sure what series I have because I left it at my friends house but I'm pretty sure the model I got was the all weather version. Once i pick it up later in the week I'll try and verify.
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Great forum here, I'm one of those members that dont have a mini14 yet but I am getting so close thats a sure thing. I'm not expecting a tack driver either if I did I'd use one of my bench guns. I want something to play with and this fits the bill. Some of my friends have told me to get an AR but they dont do a thing for me I carried one in the jungles and that was enough.
We were brothers then, We are brothers now, We are brothers forever. CURRAHEE
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Hey ya'll,
I've been checking this place off and on for several months now, and am really impressed with the attitudes and knowledge everyone pesents here. I have a 195 series SS all weather Ranch, and am wanting a GunDoc trigger, accustrut, and to have the barrel cryo'ed as time and money allow. I am looking forward to spending some time here and furthering my meager knowledge of this fun rifle.
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Originally Posted by xdejablu3x View Post
Hi everyone. Just traded my Glock 19 for a NIB Mini-14 a few days ago. So far I love it. I'm not sure what series I have because I left it at my friends house but I'm pretty sure the model I got was the all weather version. Once i pick it up later in the week I'll try and verify.
i believe i got one of the newer 580 series with the bladed front sights =)
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Hi, another new member here(as if you did not already know this)

I have owned a mini 30 for a few years now and have used it as a back up hunting rifle. It has served that purpose well for me.

I have just bought a mini 14(186xxx) and have become quite fond of it.
This is what I have done to it so far...

1. ATI stock
2. Leapers UTG tactical red/green dot sight
3. Centerpoint laser(not in the pic)

I sighted the laser at 25yds and the red/green dot at 100 yds. I have had no problems hitting watermelons at 300yds with this gun.

I am going to order a SOCOM Accustrut(I have sent them a few e-mails but have not herd back yet) and will be replacing the trigger group with a "worked" group.

This mini is going to be for defense and tactical purposes.
For this a rifle needs to be a few things for me:
2. Fairly accurate(I will not need 1" groups at 200+ yds but hey I wouldnt mind that!)
3. Be able to shoot any ammo I feed it.( If the sh*% hits the fan and ammo becomes scarce.)

Well so far this gun is ALL of the above for me.
Well thanks for having me and I look forward to learning some of the trick, secrets and what not about the Mini's

-Vic from Columbus GA!
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Nah....we just act like we know stuff.

Welcome aboard!!
A gun is like a parachute: If you need one and don't have one, you won't be needing one again.
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ijust got my first mini 14, it is a 181 series with a falcon folding stock. i love it. although it is missing the pc that the stock attaches to when closed. gan anybody suggest where to get part or its name?

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I've been here a little while and Just now noticed this intro thread...

I've got my second Mini-14 last month (Had one about 20 years age but sold it )
Got the Mini-14 with the ATI stock... I like the folding stock and size...
Did mount a extra Red Dot scope I had for my SIG's on it for quick shooting...
I kick my self for having sold my old one way back when.. (It was SS with the factory folding stock and I had a number of factory 30rd mags...)

Thanks to all for sharing your information it is very valuable and useful.


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Had my first post today. Impressive since I registered in 2003! I just picked up a 182 series stainless and have started on the path to accuracy. This is a replacement of my first mini from 1980 that disappeared years ago in a long forgotten trade. I passed on AK's and AR's to return to the mini and celebrate the m1/m14 action.
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Bought my Ruger Mini 14 this weekend. It's a Stainless All-Weather, model 5817. I was sorely tempted by the Mini 30, but frugality of sharing ammo with my AR won me over.

Took it out to shoot today - freestanding, iron sights, Russian ammo, unsighted, I was getting good groups. I was impressed, esp. after all the naysayers about even the newer Mini 14 being quite inaccurate.

A blast to shoot.
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Hello just picked up a 196 ranch rifle the other day. Was brwosing the www and happened upon this this. Good info on here glad I found it.
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We'll leave the light on
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Another mini 14 owner

Been poking around this forum a while now and really enjoy all the topics and available help. I will be picking up my mini 14 ranch with wood stock in 2 days and can't wait. I have always wanted one ever since I watched a friend in the early 80's drop a doe in her tracks at about 150 yds. Poor girl never had a chance and dropped where she stood. Got all sorts of goodies on my Christmas list to add on. Anybody in Southern California here? I'm curious where to hunt for pigs or what ever.
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new to the forum and thought i would say hey
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Well hey back. Welcome aboard.
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New to the forum, figured I'd say hi. Haven't bought my Mini-14 yet, hopefully before the 1st of the year I'll have it. I've been around guns my whole life pretty much and have amassed a small collection (17 at last inventory). Also a reloader for all of the cartridges (pistol, rifle, and shotgun) that I shoot regularly. I've been lurking for a couple of weeks and reading various threads relating to all things Mini, so I've gathered quite a bit of info from all of you and am grateful for it.

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FNG from CA here.

I've had my SS Mini-14 for about 20 years..

Found this site through a link on and decided to sign-up.

Already have plans to accurize my Mini.. Plans include ;

Muzzle Break
Bedding in the stock/receiver.

We'll see how that does. If it's not enough, I've got a friend who's a machinist and I'll have him build me a custom strut-rod setup.
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Talking welcome new members

Howdy to all. I am new on this block, being here to get more info on my mini-14. I got my used mini on about the 3rd of dec/2010. I have done some mods so far. It will be nice to talk to some of the group about the mini's.
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