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At the range yesterday and was shooting wolf 223 and Q3131 winchester (the military 5.56 caliber stuff) The trigger assembly would either unlatch itself, or unlatch itself and fall out in my lap every couple of shots. I ordered a recoil buffer and the rubber recoil pad for the butt assuming that reducing the recoil would help keep the unlatching from happening. Also I tried to gently bend the trigger guard a little to increase the pretension when you unlatch it (seemed to be a little light to unlatch, but the latch looks like it lines up where it ought to before you latch it down)

Does anyone have ideas of what to do? I am also going to call Ruger to see what they suggest. Assume they'll recommend changing ammo because both flavors I am using seem to be hotter than the UMC or winchester white box I have been using. Would like to use the wolf and q3131 though because I have about 80 rounds of it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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Same thing happened here, sent the rifle to ruger and they repaired it for free. Am guessing they will do same for you, but do call them first.
This is not common, but also not that rare of a thing to happen with the Mini's.
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You can either send it to Ruger or---Another member had this problem, and he tweeked his trigger guard to have a stronger latch force.
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