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I just ordered John Mason 10 rd. blue mags from USA Midway for $9.04 ea. They have 21 left ( I assume, they had 24 when I placed my order). They only have the blue in stock. Are these really good mags???? I have been looking around and they seem to have pretty good reviews. The PMI are hard to find and going for $$$$$. Has anyone had a bad time with the Mason mags? Your input would be great!
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hey tool, bought a couple of masen 10rd in stainless that worked great after I did some minor mods with my dremel. On mine I had to grind of about 1mm from the backside catch on the bottom so it would lock into my mini. Other than that, not one jam.
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Welcome to the forum tooltown. I have heard of only good reviews on the John Mason 10 rd mags. If you have some minor problem we can help you fix em. That was a good price for them. I paid $17 for my 10 rd pro-mags.
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Thanks for the input. I will test them when they come and watch for the hints you gave.
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