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I read in new American Riflemen that there is no such thing as a hard primer. Some primers are less sensitive than others due to the primer mix, inside of the primer.
I am wondering if this holds true with Berdan vs Boxer being the same in terms of hardness. I see that a lot of people blame their broken firing pins on hard Berdan military type primers, but apparently this is not the real cause.
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Bam-Bam---Boxer primers have a tiny piece of metel inside that is used as the avil for the force of the firing pin to strike against. Berdan primers don't have this but instead the anvil is built right into the primer pocket of the cartridge case. When the firing pin hits the Berdan primer it's force is halted by the small brass "Tit" in the primer pocket. So it is not really so much a "Hard" primer as it is the type of primer system. I have never used Berdan primed ammo in anything I owed that I know of & I won't just for that reason.

Just my 2
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Hey Bam Bam,
I don't know about hardness, but I was reading piece in a magizine about benchrest shooting (I can't remember what mag it was), and he claimed that Berdan primed case would hold 3-7 fps spread. Where as boxer primed case you are lucky to get it down to 10-20 fps deviation. I don't know if this true or not I've never checked it out. Also I only read this in the one magizine. Shayne
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