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Okay, if any of yall happen to have the external barrel shroud, (NOT the one that is on the grip) the shroud that covers the extended barrel. If any of yall have that, how well does it work? Does it really help cool the barrel quicker? If so, where can you get them?
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I don't have one, but Cabelas carrys them if you think you want one. I don't understand what purpose they might serve.
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The purpose they serve is to keep your hand off a hot barrel. I once leaned one of my Minis against a table while I reloaded a couple mags. The table got bumped, the gun started to fall, and I grabbed for the only part I could reach. You guessed it.....a very hot barrel.
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I just put one on and am curious as to wether it helps keep the barrel cooler during heavy firing or if it aids in barrel stability. I haven't shot with it yet so I can't say from experience. If all it does is keep me from buring myself on the barrel, I'm not sure it's worth the extra weight. wasssup?
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hey PS what with these little blue bars under our names over there on the left? Are we being ranked? Am I a captain?
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Your a "Special Captain Poop"

I believe it's a ranking system. I have asked Bill to define it for us.

I'm sorry CrazyMiniMan, I couldn't resist a little humor. The barrel shroud only contacts the barrel at the muzzle end. The rest of it is free floated. It's purpose is to reduce barrel harmonics to a controled level. It does improve accuracy, but dosen't make the mini a tack driver. Its kinda on the pricy side. From posts I've read a $20 pin on muzzle brake has similar results. The barrel shroud may make the mini less slective on the ammo it likes accuracy wise, over a muzzle brake, but haven't seen positive proof. I don't believe it cools the barrel any faster, it may serve as insulator to the barrel to some degree. Not as insulation to trap heat in, but to keep excess heat off your hands. There are 3 that I have seen. Check out:
OOOPS, now only two, as ARS in texas dosen't seem to carry it anymore.
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Eagle mfg. makes a version that is in Cabello's,and goes for 30-40$ I think.

It might help stability.
It might help accuracy.
It might help with barrel heat.
It might look pretty cool!!!!!!!
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I got the one that Eagle makes (in black) and it ran me &#036;37.99 from Cabela&#39;s.

Cabela&#39;s - Mini-14 Barrel Shroud.

It slips over the barrle and is held in place by 6 set screws at the ends (3 breach side, 3 muzzle side) [I used locktite so they wouldn&#39;t loosen up.]

I have the butler creek stock (very tight fit), a black warrior double muzzle break (and have consistantly been getting 3" to 2 1/2" groupings since I put it on).

I added the Barrle shroud about a month ago and I was getting 2 1/2" to 2" groupings last weekend when I went to the range.

IMHO, I do think it helps stability and accuracy, however, it dosen&#39;t help with barrel heat. The Shroud was very hot to the touch after firing 30 rounds (2-3 seconds between shots).

And it dose look pretty cool&#33;
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