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I was thinking of playing around with one of my extra wood stocks. I have one that is in OK shape. How would this be. Sand it down. Prime it. Then get a can of the spray paint that has the little textured flakes in it. Then a coat of clear polly. Then several coats of flat black. I know a guy that does this on all his AK stocks and they look and hold up pretty good. And would only cost about $5.00. I have the primer, clear and black paint already.
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I know a bunch of guys use spray-on truck bed liner on their FAL stocks. Is this what you're talking about? Your method seems to be a good idea.
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I've had GREAT success with the spray-on bed liner!!!! Check out some of the old posts on the subject! Bedliner needs very little prep,and it is very hard and durable!
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My brother sprayed bed liner on the lower areas along sides of his truck. It looked good, and seemd very durable as a gravel guard. Don&#39;t see why it wouldn&#39;t work on a rifle stock. It&#39;s more durable than paint.
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