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need a lighter barrel

my funds are limited because my wife just had surgery, but i have a 10 22 target model with a factory 20 inch barrel in .920, and the gun is wearing a hogue stock. this gun shots really good, with a trigger job and a few after market parts. but this thing is heavy. i would like to keep the stock and just switch out the barrel for a lighter one, i am thinking a 16inch .920, but was wondering who made a heavy taper that would look good in my stock. the 300 dollar aluminum barrels are out of my price range, i have about 150 bucks. thanks
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Have the 20" T model as well and don't find it really heavy but different folks...different strokes. I also have a bunch of others with different barrels - different lengths, materials, profiles, etc. I do have a couple that are quite close to the factory sportier barrels. Both required a bit of enlargement to the barrel channels sized for the factory barrels. In stocks cut for the .920 barrels, they just look odd - too much gap. I do believe GM makes a heavy sportier and possibly Clark. When I do mine, I choose the barrel partially, well, greatly, on what the style I'm going for is. Won't compromise quality to do so though. For me, I prefer the Whistle Pig barrel shut at $210, they are a bit past your current allotment of funds. Check Shooter's Discount and see what they have.
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