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My first 10/22

Hello, I'm new to the site. I purchased my first 10/22 yesterday, a new in the box Stainless International. I've been looking for some time for the right 10/22and this is the platform for my first build. I'm keeping it simple at first. I went on line and bought a Volquartsen TG2000 trigger assembly, Kidd buffer, and charge handle, titanium takedown screw, and a pillar for bedding the stock. Bought a couple extra magazines, and a few boxs of Mini Mags, Stingers, and yellowjackets. Got home, took the new rifle out of the box and took it apart I've read on the site lots of neat tricks to enhance the stock action, so it begins. I carefully polished the inside top of the reciever where the bolt rides with 1000 grit sand paper. I stoned the rear of the bolt where the bolt engages the hammer and polished it. I'm waiting for my parts to reassemble, and go shooting. Thanks all for the posted info, and ideas, I'll let you know how it works out.
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Good luck with your project. Please post some pictures of your rifle when you finish if possible.
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If you take care of that Ruger 10/22, it should last you a lifetime.

I bought my 10/22 in January of 1986, and it still shoots fine over 25 years later.
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Welcome To The Fun And Madness

Neat little guns, aren't they. I will NOT tell you (embarrasing) of an individual that eventually had about 5 different barrels, 6 buttstocks and about 10 different scope combinations on his 10-22; not counting all the nifty inside parts. The CURRENT edition has a 10" 1x9 barrel, a cut back Choate folder, an Elite Iron Echo 2 Can, a good Nite Vision Scope and all the expected fun stuff inside. Used to keep down the night time critter-pests. Welcome aboard. All NFA rules apply. HB of CJ (old coot)
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This is what I did to my 10 22

Here is the finished project. It shoots better than I will ever be able to.
Volquartsen tension barrel, with threaded comp. Volquartsen bolt, Volquartsen trigger group, Leupold Vari x II 3x9. Revolution stock which is glass bedded.
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My first 10/22-032.jpg  

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