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Ruger 10/22 Anything about the Ruger 10/22 family of rifles.

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wanted .22 WMR auto rifle

What happened to a 10/22 WMR ? Why aren't there semiauto .22 magnums made ? I would pay whatever to own a rifle in .22WMR, .117 and FNH 5.7 with at least a 20 rd. mag.
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There are a couple for sale over at rimfirecentral.com. Pricey though...

vBClassified - RimfireCentral.com Forums
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I guess I should have picked up the 10/22 mag that was in the LGS for years. It was a crazy $100 more than the reg
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Ronbow, I've been fighting the same thing. Pretty much came to the conclusion that the 597 Remington was the only one out there in production. And they only produce it for one small period per year so availability is limited. However, I stumbled on some info today about the CZ 512 and I am very curious about this animal. Looking around, it looks to be in the $500 range so it's competitive. But I don't know much abou the CZ rifles in general. Anyone have any input?
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