Ruger 10/22 Anything about the Ruger 10/22 family of rifles.

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How to modify your 10/22

Just thought I'd offer some information on how to upgrade and modify your 10/22. Its pretty basic but I think the photos will help out people that may not be familiar with the rifle.

Here is the tutorial. We made a few modifications including adding a .920 barrel, auto bolt release, recoil buffer, extended magazine release.

How to modify a Ruger 10/22 mag release, recoil buffer, charging handle, bull barrel.

For questions PM me or email me at
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as i have built up/modded many ruger 10/22, and that is a fine write-up i will only add since its geared to the novice that you edit it to say (like everything else gun related) that 1 make sure the rifle is unloaded, and 2 YOU have no responcibility as far as these instructions are concerned, and 3 the novice should use a good smith to preform these mods.
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Impartial: In the URL you sited, the picture of the bolt retaining pin is made of .......... what? I was just glancing through this site when I saw your post. Is that pin an aftermarket or what Ruger is putting in the newer rifles.

FWIW: I bought my 10/22 in 1974 (a "deluxe"). The only mod was a 4x scope and a set quick detach sling mounts. Never saw a reason to change a thing. It was perfect for me right out of the box. Not criticizing any who do mods, just curious and always trying to keep an open mind.

Great info on that web site! -AimHigh
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That is actually what they are calling a "recoil buffer" it can supposedly increase the life of your rifle action as well as absorb some shock of the bolt cycle and even lessen some of the noise. It is made of polyurethane I believe and you can buy them for under 10 bucks at many different websites.

Thanks for reading!
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Don't forget the cleaning rod access hole in the back of the action
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Originally Posted by indoorsman View Post
Don't forget the cleaning rod access hole in the back of the action
instead of drilling the receiver, i use a length of weed eater line to push cleaning wads through the barrel. you can go either way and it won't scratch the barrel.

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