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Iron Sights Question

I'm hoping you guys can help me find what I need - taller iron sights for my 10/22. Front and rear. I need them to press into the barrel right where the stock ones do. Front and rear.

The problem is that raised scope mounts (both kinds - rail mount and direct mount) obscure my iron sights, which are just not tall enough. As you can see in the picture, there's plenty of room to go up, but 1/4" would be plenty and not cause too much paralax.

People suggest Tech-sights and Williams, but they fasten to the receiver where my scope mounts are. So no dice.

Everyone says buy those bright colored sights from Brownell's. Color is not the the issue. I need taller sights.

Many suggest I memorize or write down how many clicks it takes to get from 25 to 100 yards with the scope. That's not my goal.

Some say I don't NEED a scope, and they're right! I WANT a scope. Sights dialed in at 25 yards, scope at 100.

Plainly visible front and rear sights below - scope above.

If I could find iron sights ("vee" or peep) about 1/4" taller than the stock ones, this would be my ideal multi-purpose plinker.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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Don't recall any taller ones but another route to consider is a different mount. I forget who at the moment, but there's a mount that raises the rings and has an open channel to view the sights through.
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Thanks BlkHawk, what's on there now is the lowest thing available. That tiny rail that came with the rifle from Ruger was also too tall. What you see in the photo is purpose-built and curved for the receiver. It's less than 1/8" thick in the middle so shaving it down, even a little, would compromise the mounts since that's where the screws go through.

It's a step in the right direction - just not enough room there to begin with.

Honestly, I can (sort of) see both sights if I take a long moment to raise my eye, then slowly settle down until the front bead becomes a tiny setting sun at the bottom of that big open area under the scope. But all that squirming, squinting and cussing sort of diminishes the joy one should feel halfway through a 25-round clip.

I'm really surprised I'm the first guy to start looking for a solution that would make a great little rifle fantastically versatile.
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Tried a search on (search engines are your friend ) and while not the site I recall seeing it, this is what I was referring to.


Certainly not something I have experience with (I use sights or optics not both) but I'd think it could work for you.
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I had misery with iron sights on a B.C. ultralight, they used the ruger sights but the barrel size was different. Brownells has tru glo sights with the front in different heights, that's what solved my problem. The question would be if the stock rear would raise high enough to work with the new front. From your pic it looks like the rear is adjusted down a bit so it might. If you can't find them post back and I'll try.
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Good news everyone!
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I'm in the same boat. I'd like to find a quality set of open sights I can use when the scope is removed......while leaving the weaver rail on the gun.

The folding rear sightis the problem. Tall front sight inserts are everywhere.

I'd still like to find a matched set of sights for this purpose.
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This is a real science and i have no solution...

Finding sights for your purpose ,on the same plane front and rear,.......

This just seems to be one of the hardest thing to accomplish....
Hope you can find what you need and want...
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What I did was to use the Ruger provided combination Weaver and tip-off scope base and mount a rear Tech Sight TSM200 for the Marlin 795, tip-off mount, and a front Tech Sight TSR110 for the 10/22. There is room for Weaver scope rings in front of the rear sight. It may work for you.

I just put a Bushnell TRS-25 on this setup and it perfectly cowitnessed with the iron sights. Kind of cool.

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Midway has these:
Williams Ace In The Hole Sight Set with Picatinny Base Ruger 10/22 includes front 'FireSight'

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NoDak Spud has a rail/sight combo (NDS-26 Rear Sight) that might work. You would need to pair it with a front sight like one of theirs or a Tech Sight.

NoDak Spud NDS-22 receivers
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10/22, iron sights, scope, taller

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