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Butler Creek Folding Stock and a Bull Barrel?

Just another new guy with some questions.

I am wanting to put a bulter creek folding stock on my 10/22 but the only ones I have found are for the factory contour barrel. Do they make them for a heavy barrel or will I have to customize the stock myself?

I am also wanting to put some sort of optics on it either a red dot or a very low power scope, something with very fast target aquisition.

I even considered putting a bead on the bull barrel like on my 11-87. For a back up if the red dot dies while out in the field.

Any Suggestions?
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I don't believe Butler Creek, or the other popular folding-stock options for the 10-22, come for the heavy barrels. You might be able to modify them to make it fit, someone like Cajungeo might know on that point. It wouldn't surprise if there's some new folding stock out there that would work with a heavy barrel, and I just haven't heard about it yet. There's always cool stuff coming out for the 10-22. But I did do a little searching around, and couldn't find anything available currently.

Now, your options for adding a front bead to a heavy barrel are these. I've actually done this, so can give some perspective on it.

1. Install a front ramp, and mount a bead in it. This will involve paying a gunsmith (a reasonable one would charge maybe $20) to drill a standard mounting hole in the top of your barrel for a 6-48 threaded screw to mount the ramp. A great ramp that works for this purpose is the Williams Gunsight Company's shotgun "shorty" ramp, 0.875" diameter, which will "spread" to fit well on a standard 0.92" O.D. 10-22 bull barrel. It fits GREAT on mine, and looks nice too. The ramps come in different heights, and cost about $20, you can get them from various places such as Brownells, or Williams itself. Then you need a bead. The bead must be a standard 3/8" dovetail to fit in the shorty ramp, and the width of the dovetail on the bead (look at it from the muzzle perspective) can only be 0.25" wide. Williams carries a line of beads with a "N" suffix to indicate the "narrow" width that fits in these ramp sizes. So you have get one of their beads, again for about $18 to $20, where the number indiates the height in inches, and the "N" indicates the correct width: .250N, .312N, .406N, etc. Figure out what kind of rear sight you have, call Williams and tell them, and they will probably help you work out the proper height for the ramp + bead combination that you need to make it all work.

(By the way: if you want to buy a nice ramp and red firesight front bead .312N size, you can buy mine for less than new, even though mine are only a couple months old and look new. Because I'm converting to the Tech-sights system, using AR-style iron sights for the 10-22. You can't use the Tech-sights with a scope, but I prefer open sights shooting anyway).

2. Another option for your front bead on a bull barrel is, buy an adapter that has a dovetail slot in it, and stick it on the barrel with Loctite or have a smith thread it on, then mount a bead in that. Tech-sights, who I'm buying my new sight system from, makes a bull barrel adapter with a dovetail slot for $15. http://www.tech-sights.com. This standard 3/8" dovetail slot is going to be the wider slot width compared to the Williams (from the muzzle perspective), and will be I think 0.36 inches wide, or what Williams labels as the "M" (medium) width. So you Loctite that adapter on your bull barrel, then you figure out what bead height you need (again, I'd call Williams and get a nice fire sight bead in the "M" width), and then you slip the bead into the dovetail slot.

Hope that helps, I've just been through all this so I knew a couple of current options.
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You can mod it to work, if you have a few hand tools and some time, here's how I did mine Pre-Ban Redux 10/22, if you're interested.
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IMO the best sight W/O magnification for any type of gun is an EOTech holosight. They are easy to use and sight in. They also get up to 1100 hours of battery life
here is mine.

my 10/22!!!.
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