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working on my second 10/22... which is going to be a blaster, just for fun, not worried about extreme accuracy with this one. I did the bolt radius on my first one and it's nice for sure.

I was reading another place where someone suggested NOT to radius the bolt if you were planning on shooting mostly bulk-type or hi-velocity ammo. Seems obvious the bolt might hit the buffer faster when it is rounded and smoothed up. Already have the buffer in place, and I'm in no rush to do the mod, but of course it is sitting there begging to be worked on. Funny how once you get bit, a 10/22 constantly calls out to you wanting to be worked on...

What are everyone's thoughts?

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If you&#39;re just using the high-velocity ammo then I&#39;d leave the bolt the way it is. Having said that, and you&#39;ve got the bolt buffer already, I&#39;m sure it wouldn&#39;t hurt anything if it was radiused. If the polyurethane bolt buffer ever gets damaged you can easily replace it.

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Here is my first answer.
IF high velocity is all you will ever shoot in it then it doesn&#39;t make that much diff, after the 500 rnd break in on the receiver if its modded or not. If all your worried about is having to buy another buffer check out this great tip.

My 2nd answer.
Now my brain jumped ahead on my folder. When I convert it to the .17M2 I will need to slow the bolt down a bit. A stock bolt will be a little slower than a modified bolt. So my folder&#39;s bolt will stay the way it is.

I modded both my other 10/22&#39;s I don&#39;t notice any ill effect when shooting hi-vel ammo.
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