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had my hands on an AMT Lightning 25/22 today. i thought it was a Ruger 10/22 at first. wasnt paying much attention to it until i found out it was an AMT. the asking price is $150.00 in used condition some scratches and dings. was wondering if it could be used like the 10/22 to make a super modified humdinger. the receiver is stamped AMT 25/22 Lightning stainless. has anyone had experience with this lil gun?
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I have no hands on experience with the AMT 25/22. I have heard of them for some time. I know they are a Ruger 10/22 clone, and are very similar, except the receiver is made of Stainless steel. I did a search for about an hour. All I could find here and there is AMT = Arcadia Machine & Tool Co. To fit a 10/22 bull barrel you will have to get a bushing, as the barrel channel in the receiver is shorter than the 10/22. The bolt is thicker. If I ran across one I might be tempted to turn it into a 10/22 mag. but it would probably take some work, and modifications here, and there. For $150 Id throw in another $10 and get a new 10/22 then I would know for shure it would become a tac driver.
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They're getting hard to find. I've wanted one for a long time, although I didn't know the parts (barrels,bolts, ...) were not compatible. They got sued by Ruger and had to cease production, so they are no longer in the 10/22 clone business ...

-- cw
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thanks for the info, went back to the store and it is gone now. hope it aint one of those " im gonna kick myself for not gettin it " guns.
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