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Hi guys,
Way back in the eighties I got some books from Palladain......they contained info on how to mod an AR-7 to full auto exotic weapons syttem from what I can remember(and a 10/22) .
Well to cu a long story short......living in the "democratic" (HUH) UK I had the lot confiscated as well as a load of Kurt Saxon books.
Have contacted Palladain about the AR-7 info (twice but they aint got back to me).
Do any of you guys have a picture of the mod or a schematic ......anything which would jog my memory would be great.
Thanks in advance
PS: Sitting back and watching your rights in the USA being eroded on a daily basis............I dont hold out much hope for myself and others who beleive in FREEDOM this end of the globe...thinking about firearms gets you branded a Psychopath.....!
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Awhile back, I bought a Paladin book describing how to make a Ruger 10/22 into full auto. Unfortunately, it is illegal to perform, and you need a metalworker to work on it.

I didn't think that full auto was any priority, and excessive barrel is probable. It would probably bejust as fun with a new auto bb gun. If I find the book, I will post the page with the mods. But I can't rpomise anything. (Was it the 10/22 or the AR-7 you were interested in?)
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Hey guys, don't even try it. From what I heard long time ago in gunsmith school -7's and -22's don't work worth a hoot without a lot of mods. -A lot of real good rifles have been screwed up and then destroyed, and folks gone to jail for messing with them. Same with homade silencers.
-- Pay the $200 tax and get a registered NFA legal rifle from a reputable dealer with whatever goodies you want and then you can show off all this neat paperwork , - AND stay out of trouble!
- It is a lot cheaper in the long run - besides, NFA legal stuff is a real good investment, lots better than enron stock.

PS- I don't do gunsmithing, never wanted to put up with the paperwork hassles. You have to give permission for no- knock -no warrent searches day or night at your place of buisiness, it was part of a machinists course I took when I thought I wanted to be a diesel mechanic, I work for wages instead.
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Thanks for the reply Scotty........either the AR-7 or the 10/22 mod would be great if ya can hunt it out for me....
Anything to do with modifying firearms in the UK is illegal and auto's over .22 cal are completely banned(unless your in the police or military) Also ALL handguns are banned .....funnily enough just about all the criminals have em though...!!!!!!!.
Am not actualy interested in doing the mods....just getting the whole lot down as "machinists" drawings for future reference.
Once again Thanks in advance
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Go to www.butokukai.com they seem to have book on turning everything including a staple gun into full auto.
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You had "BOOKS" confiscated????????????
Say it aint so R.
The Constitution shall never be construed....to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.\"

Samuel Adams
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I have one of the AR-7 and its fun to shoot in semi automatic. I dont mean to get side tracked but, the Good people of the USA are not loosing our rights daily. Have you not seen all the frivolous law suits against the gun makers thrown out of court. More States are issuing ccw permits and the NRA is becoming stronger day by day. Its Good people like thats on this forum that will stand and fight for our rights. Our friends in California are being deprived of their Constitutional rights but were all going to help them fight to regain there rights. If the U.N. or anyone else thinks were going to lay down our arms without a fight, boy do they have a surprise coming.

"Toujours Pret"
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Yes......books ....back in the late eighties early nineties.I used to do a bit shooting rabbits pigeons etc....nothing big game......! anyway it was reported I was in posession of a handgun (which I did not have a licence for) Beretta 93 F....
Searched.....arrested.......and 16 month later sent to prison for 9 month mostly because I refused to give the name of the guy I bought it off....the books Mostly Palladain and US military field manuals were supposed evidence that I had an "uncanny" interest in firearms......(I do.............when I asked for them back I was told they were destroyed.....!
Strangely enough its no big deal over here for guys with licences..to have more UNLICENCED firearms than licenced ones......In fact everyone I know is breaking the law.......not on purpose ......it's just too draconian.
I am also banned for life from ever keeping guns again......air weapons included.........!
Mind you I still go hunting with a few friends..........

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