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Ruger 10/22 Anything about the Ruger 10/22 family of rifles.

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Cleaning/field stripping your firearm also allows for regular inspection of parts for wear and function. Gun ownership comes with responsibilities. Don't adopt a puppy if you can't care for it just because you like its spots. I don't know a single person who doesn't clean their firearms . I have never seen a manual that didn't recommend cleaning and include instructions on how to do so. But some may use a butter knife and a couple of shots of wd 40 and call it good. Each to his own I suppose .

In my family the age of first gun ownership was 13 or 14 , depending if the kid had his head on straight. My kids like me had to take their first 22's apart before first shot was fired.

I won't buy a used dirty jam-o-matic , it doesn't take a good eye more than a cursory inspection to tell if a gun is well worn but cared for , or knocked around abused
and neglected. A thorn scratched stock is expected for a hunting rifle , a dent from being tossed in the trunk probably not for me. The two examples speak of the gun's history. If not for safety , clean and care for them to avoid value depreciation.

Yeah I change my own flat tires too. But I will admit that I have a couple of firearms that I don't shoot often because they are more involved and a pita to reassemble . But back to the original post..the 10/22 is a piece of cake .
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Originally Posted by octhed View Post
Thanks for the info! Factory 10 round mag.
make sure the entire claw is physically there, and not broken off..........I had one break off, and "back pressure" would blow the fired cases out of the action most of the time, but I got a lot of what appeared to be stovepipes....just for a different reason than usual.
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