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Only draw back I see is the magazines cost a lot.

The Vector 93 is made form what look like Malaysian or Central American kits. It feels just like the old "53" I used to run on SWAT. I took it from the box and loaded several magazines. Forty rounds hit the intended target...a fist sized rock on the berm. Bolt-magazine-magazine-bolt. Again....again...again. I gave it to my teenaged son who is well versed at the AK. Several magazines later, the weapon still kept running. The barell was almost too hot to even get near, but the German designed rifle continued to function until there was a mound of brass cases about seven yards to out 1:00.

And that my friends, is with no outside lubrication of the weapon. To say I am impressed would be an understatement.

Magazines we used included Malaysian 40 round aluminum HK manufactured 30 round magazines, and the MKE polymer (which required some slight work to fit the rifle). Ammo was a 50 caliber steel ammo box of mixed stuff I had left over from my police days. I have no idea how many rounds...I think maybe 500 or so...or the source of the rounds. No issues with canted sights, or missing bullet guides, or anything else that we commonly hear as complaints against the AK pattern rifles. How refreshing!!!

If you are looking for a rifle that is as tough or tougher than the worst beater AK you have, and yet potentially as accurate as the dollhouse M4, this may be the end of your search.
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