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i like the details
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What in the world do I have here?

Ok, I think im pretty knowlegable about firearms but this one is causing me some Identification problems.

My Dad gave me a couple of Old Guns, One is a crazy old double gun of some sort. I think it may technically be a cape gun as it is rifled on the left barrel and smooth bore on the right. It has warnant style swing up breech block (that is missing) that made me think it may some flobert bulit something but I cant find anything anywhere on it.

Ill get some pics up when i get home in couple of days. but here is all i know about it. Its old. It appears to be 9mm smoothbore and 6mm rifled (could be 22short but it has no caliber markings) Several proof marks but im going to need to do some careful cleaning before they will be readable.

Based on that limited info, any ideas?
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i like the details
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some pics.

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That is jesus street sweeper !!!! No I don't know damn it looks old.

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cape gun, flobert, swing breech, warnant

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