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Mini 14 Factory 30 Round Mags ?

I just bought a new 581 Ser. ~ RUG MINI-14 RNCH 223 SS LAM 30 Model -5858 rifle . It came with the Factory 30 round mag. and it will take 17 too 21 rounds before it Jamb`s up . I tore themag apart , Cleaned it , which it did not need , sanded on the Plastic follower in diff. spots for ruffness left over from where it was molded , Greesed the inside`s of the steel mag well , where the follower slids up and down in the well .... 0 differance" in my efferts.... it still start`s to jamb up after you install the 17 th. round , and you can FORCE" up too 4 more rounds in it.... up to 21 total rounds but that`s it .... It`s REALLY Jambed Up Now" . WHAT Is The Deal" , That RUGER" , Can`t Get A Good 30 Round Steel Mag That Work`s On There Mini 14 /.223Rifle ? Seem`s like there 20 round`ers and the smaller one`s work just Fine . Do I have to MFG. My OWN Steel 30 round mag . , to make it work on my rifle , Er What ? I Am Not Happy " with Ruger and there 30 round HIGH $ Mag`s fellow`s . They make a FINE Solid STEEL Action High $ rifle , and NO" , 30 round Mag that won`t make ya Bit Your LIP , when you try to load it up .

I jsut ordered 6 new Tapco Gen. 2..... 30 round mags. from CTD.....@ $14 bucks a piece , after reading bout 200 forums from diff. guy`s that say Tapco has FINELY" , got it right" , with there Gen.#2 Plastic 30 rounders . I hope so , cause CTD WILL" , Get Those Back If ANY" of Them rascals JAMB 1 time loadin um up ...... what ya say fellow`s.... Magnum6
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I skipped the factory step...straight to issues whatsoever in 200 rounds through two mags.
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Ruger Mini 14 / 30 round .223 Mags.

Glad to here you say that about them Tapco Mags . Justasking , cause I got 6 of the rascals commin in the mail . I wanted Black , but all the had was Green and Bage , so I got Bage color commin . I figured , a can of Flat black spray paint will make um black enough if they work ok ..... I wished somebody made the old M1A flash suppreser to fit this new model 581 ser. # THAT Would Really make it look like the little Brother to the old M1~A...... Thanks for the reply My Friend"..... Magnum6
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