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Question Co Witness scope mount for Mini 14 (582)

I'm looking for 1" or 30mm scope mounts for my 582 series Ranch rifle. I want to use the iron sights along with a scope (co witness)

Anybody know of any with a proven track record?
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I don't think you can do it with the Mini 14 if what you mean by co-witness is seeing and being able to see and use your front sight through tour scope or red dot view. Front sight is not high enough and you can't mount a scope or red dot low enough.
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personally, i am not aware of any flip up type sights that would be tall enough to co-witness an optic, or that would work with ease on a mini.

there are see through rings and QD rings as options for a mini. however, my mini isn't a tactical set up, so if you had a stock with rails, or a rail mount on your scope base, i don't see why it wouldn't be possible, it just might take quite a bit of modification to work out.
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To be clear I want to use one or the other. Iron sights for short range shots 50 to 100 meters, or the scope for 100 meters plus shots. I've seen the Weaver scope rings that fit the 582 mini, however the reviews say they don't work well. I have a friend working on a design that we came up with and he's machining a prototype set to try. If they work as plan I'll post pics. Thanks for the input.

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I think the only way to do that and leave the scope mounted would be with a B-Square side mount. I use one on my 185 and can use the irons when the scope is mounted.
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I was thinking about these myself. On a Sparta stock.


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I tried to co-witness two different red dots on my 581 (ATI stock). It was a no go. I was used to the co-witness on my duty weapon which is an M4 with an Aimpoint. I couldn't find a reasonable or affordable set up, and I decided that its a Mini 14 not an AR. I ended up with a Barska Red dot, with a Sightmark 5X magnifier on their slide to side mount. It gives me the 1x view of a red dot up close and the magnification for distance I really like. The Magnifier is on the GG&G rail mounted to the ruger scope mounts, and the red dot is on the forward aluminum rail.

The idea of a canted iron sight is going to be much more durable that some of the reflex or mini dot sights I've seen on 45 degree angled rail extensions.

As far as the B Square mount goes, if you want it accurate you'll need to utilize the two set screws that will mar the upper left portion of your receiver. I have one, never mounted it. Dimpling my gas block is as far as I'll go in regards to anything detrimental to the blued finish.

See thru scope mounts are great, but make sure to take the eye relief of the scope and your own cheek/buttstock contact in mind. The elevation of the optic may seem minimal, but adapting to it by craning your neck is only good for a few rounds and won't hold up in a SHTF scenario. Measure carefully before you purchase your mounts.

Let me know how it goes! This is what making it YOUR Mini is all about!
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co witness, mini 14 parts

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