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Pass the Sauurup
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Gunsite Scout Rifle

Anybody have one of these?
RugerŪ Gunsite Scout Rifle Models

Curious to see if they are worth it. I like the concept behind the "scout rifle" though the haters seem to abound in every article I read on it. Sure, M1 makes more sense being both .308 and a semi, but when $$$$ butts its ugly head in, that measure of perfection suddenly drops into the toilet.
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I don't have one. But i like it. I have a few rifles with scout scopes. I like the setup. I think a bolt action rifle is fine for a scout rifle.
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i shot one this weekend, seems like a great rifle, shoot very well and had good sights and trigger. you do have to work the bolt like you mean it because you are pulling the round from a clip, i wish it came with a factory 5 round. and i wish the trigger housing was metal. the idea is a good one, i think it would be a good brush gun, for hunting hogs and deer.
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im glad ed said he enjoyed the gunsite because we were able to get together and he got to shoot mine. it is my favorite rifle and always ends up at the range with me.

the bad press i think is due to the fact that it is not a word for word copy of what cooper said the scout should be.the purist are upset because you cant use stripper clips. the new ruger polymer mags are able to be topped off while in the gun. it does not have one purpose it is designed to be multi purpose. most guys have a deer gun and a hog gun and a varmit gun and a shtf gun so for some the do all concept doesnt compute. i did not buy it because i wanted a scout style rifle. i just thought it looked cool.

if you take away the scout name and look at it for what it is. a short handy magazine fed 308 bolt action rifle that is fun to shoot.
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Erin go Braugh
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Thumbs up Rugers are great for the money!

They are around half the price of a
Springfield Armory
Springfield M1A Scout Squad Rifles | Springfield Armory M1A Rifles and 1911's
Springfield M1A Scout Squad, Black Synthetic - Impact Guns
They are fairly tough as most all Rugers. For $779-850 They do the job well. They are also around 3-4 lbs lighter.
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Have one and enjoy it a lot...
I use it in the more traditional role (Scope mounted in the normal spot).

Easy to carry and with the new mags things are more affordable!

A Proud Ruger owner.
10/22-TD, Mini-14, M77-GS, LCP, LC9, SR9c, SR40c, GP100, SR1911.
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