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Thompson build up

I'm a relative newcomer when it comes to rifles. The closest I've gotten to a long arm is my Thompson Contender, shooting a wildcat cartridge, T/C-U 7mm with 14" barrel - I looked at it as a "mini-rifle"; based on a .223 casing and 7mm slug, I used this for some IHMSA competition back in the early 80's. The 7mm T/C-U never did catch on but I did have fun with it for awhile. -I had to reload my own cartridges to fire it and I was getting a bit bored of doing that so around 1987 or so, I stored it away.

About 2 years ago, I inherited my father-in-law's .22 rifle. It's a Phillipine built unit that was reportedly sold out of K-Mart back in the 70's. It even came to me with 100 rounds of ammo from the defunct Gemco stores. After cleaning the rust off and firing off all 100 rounds, I fell in love with shooting a rifle. How I never got into longarms, I'll never know. Since then, I did get a S&W M&P .22LR looking much like an AR. very fun stuff shooting .22LR as it costs so little to shoot. With long-arms in the house, I made the decision to get rid of the smallish safe I was storing my 9mm and .45ACP, and purchased a Liberty Safe.

When put my 7mm into the safe, I began to think about converting it, but wasn't serious about it until late last month. So I got some parts together last week. I am still awaiting a buttstock, but the rest of pieces are together and can be shot as is.

I should be getting a stainless steel weaver base with the butt-stock but that aside, I think this will look pretty nice. The reason I chose .223 is to get a feel for this cartridge before taking the plunge into building or buying a CA legal AR-15 type firearm, although I might look into a Mini-14 as well.
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Completed the transition:

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Nice looking set up. I have 2 contender pistols with rifle conversions. They are very accurate and handle well. I set up a rifle for my son to hunt with in 7TCU. It has a youth stock with an 18" 7TCU barrel shooting the 120gr Nosler Ballistic tip bullet. It is very effective on deer and has almost no recoil.
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