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Went shooting this weekend and had so much fun!

I went shooting this weekend and I had a blast! I got to try out my new 15-22 on a steel target and it made for a really fun time! If you've been thinking about getting out and shooting sometime all I can say is "just do it!" I did and had a blast. I filmed my outing and tried to make a production out of it. Take a look, maybe it will inspire you to get out there and shoot!

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The M&P 22 long rifle?

Does it shoot pretty good? A buddy of mine bought 2 of those rifles for his kids last christmas.
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Yes, so far I have ran 2 bricks (550 packs) of federal .22lr and have had ZERO malfunctions of any kind, I have to say it is easily my favorite gun to shoot right now
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Cool video, I really like your 15-22. I've been thinking about getting one for a while now. I got to shoot one a while back and my old tube fed .22's just haven't been as much fun since then.
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