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Henry Survival Rifle

Hey guys hows it going. So I am intrigued by the Henry AR 7 survival rifle, formerly manufactured by several other companies. I already have a 10/22 and I am planning on a Ruger 22/45 hunter regardless of if I buy this Henry or not. I generally try and keep at least 1K rounds for all of my different calibers, except for .22lr which is of course more. There is one shop in my area that has pretty good bulk ammo deals and readily allows you to buy by the case. When you buy a new firearm, you get 10% off ammo and accesories when you go to pick it up. I am low on .308 (400 rounds) and I generally shoot American Eagle 150gr fmj. They have it for $13 a box. It is about a 45 minute trip for me so i usualy plan a trip out there a few months in advance so I can combine a firearm purchase with a bulk ammo purchase, so it takes me awhile to set the cash aside and decide what I want. Basically i'm probably going to pick up 1,500 rounds of .308, at least 2k rounds of .22lr CCI, and maybe some winchester ranger 9mm nato, which they have had lately for about $125 for a case of 500, so I have been buying some of that every time I go out there. I know I have gotten grossly off topic, but I will be heading there in the next few weeks. I have begun to make the transition from simply a gun nut to a prepper and have been making some progress. I am putting together a bug out bag and thought the Henry would go nice in there, or as a nice always-in-the-truck gun. I called and they have one for $250. I will probably be buying at least $1200 in ammo, so If I buy the gun I will save at least $120, which is like getting the gun %50 off. It seems like a good idea to me. I know I should start reloading, which I will in the near future when I get around to it.

I was wondering what you guys think about it. I have read some reviews and they seem mixed, but most agree that for the money and the intended purpose, it seems to be ok. I am thinking a buttstock rifle pouch would be nice to hold some .22 ammo also if I keep it in the truck. Many people say to use only high quality ammo with it, which I generally do anyway (CCI). Let me know what you guys think. Thanks in advance.

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I had one of the Charter Arms AR-7s many years ago. The novelty was outweighed by its lousy accuracy, horrid trigger (trigger pull was 2-3x rifle weight, gritty and creepy), and inability to reliably feed anything but high velocity solids. The slam-bang of cycling in such a light rifle also meant follow-up shots were not quick.
Squirrel hunting with it was far more work than it should have been: to ensure a hit, you'd have to be close enough that you could have hit the critter with a rock, plus you had to have something to use as a rest to offset the light weight/heavy trigger.
The Henry is undoubtedly a better rifle, but the design is not one I'd pick for anything unless space and weight were at an absolute premium, like an ejection seat survival kit.

Far better, IMHO, would be something like the Rossi single-shot combo guns, especially if you got the 20 or 12 ga barrel. They fit in a zippered case that's no bigger than an AR-7, and a bit flatter. Fits nicely behind the truck seat. Single-shot is no drawback in a true survival rifle (vs. Zombie Apocalypse rifle): bunnies don't attack in hordes. Price is about half of the AR-7, too.
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I have the Henry AR7.

Forget using bulk ammo in it. Good quality hi-speed ammo is a must.

I mounted a sling on mine and hang an M16 ammo pouch on the sling.

If you purchase a second 8 round magazine you can store the broken down rifle in the stock with one mag in the receiver and the other in the slot for the mag and have two mags on hand.
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Fine for its intended purpose, not much else.
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That was a really long post for a short question ;-)

They are good for being a compact no-frills survival rifle. Compared to your 10/22 it will be less accurate, less comfortable, and a lot uglier... But it can also break down into a backpack sized container, it is accurate enough to gather small game,and if I'm not mistaken, it can even float when it is being stored in its stock

If you're a backpacker, or boating/flying into the wilderness and you don't have room on board for a full sized rifle, then it is a good idea... But honestly, if you have the space, you might be better off with a .22 lever or bolt gun (they will be lighter and more compact than the 10/22).
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I have one (along with a Henry Lever .22 & a 10/22)
I really like it! The new ones can hold two extra mags along with the one in the receiver for a total of three in it's self when packed.
I have found NO PROBLEMS with any ammo (yet)
The only real "cheep" part of the rifle is the front sight (in my view).

I have a scope that I mount (& take off for storage) and I have had good luck on the accuracy part.
I like how I cam carry a rifle in a little box (with my scope)!
It's a fun plinker and if needed would be good for survival!

A Proud Ruger owner.
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Thanks guys. Now I have some thinking to do
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Henry AR7

I like mine, it's w/me on canoe trips down the river. I've taken squacks and rabbits w/it no problem. does good under around 100' for small game accuracy. it is ammo sensitive. likes SuperX solid nose.
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I like mine, it is fairly accurate. Much better gun than the old Armalites, way better than the Charters, those were heinous! I recommend the Henry!
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I like my Henry so far. One of my shooting buddies was bashing it and trying to convince me to get a Marlin papoose nstead, but I went with the Henry. I put a whole 375 rd. box of the CCI AR tactical stuff thru it. This is te round nose 40gr load that is almost as hot as the mini mag. It ran 100%. I really wasnt shooting for extreme accuracy, more for function and relibility testing. I shot it in the indoor pistol range so Icouldnt stretch it out much anyway. My buddies papoose didn't treat him so well. I guess its luck of the draw sometimes but I really like my little Henry.
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