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Hi-Point 995TS aftermarket enhancements

I thought I read somewhere that there is a problem using the newer Hi Point 995 magazines with the aftermarket Advanced Technology stock. Anyone have experience or direct knowledge about this?

Second question; Will the aftermarket 995TS full length rail one can buy on Ebay
work with the aftermarket stock?

I had posted in another thread about Camp Carbines that I felt no love for my Hi-Point 995TS. I am not wild about the looks of the front half, but what I really don't like is the plastic accessory rail for optics. I have a TrueGlo Red Dot will co-witnesses with the iron sights and that works pretty well. I think a real aluminum full length rail would be a huge improvement if it works well. I'd be thinking about replacing the front and rear irons with flip ups. Anyone here with that set up?

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take a look on the hi-point forum. i remember reading something about making the mags work better. they are a nice bunch of guy over there and are very helpful. as of now my 995ts is all stock. i did add the dual mag carrier to the stock. holds the mags tight but when shooting with a jacket on it can be alittle annoying. i did try co-witnessing a red dot but it was a cheap tasco so it went back. a good red dot is still on the wish list
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I have an inexpensive TruGlo red dot on my 995TS. And it does co-witness with the factory sights. The TruGlo does cut down on light transmission though the ghost ring irons to the point that the irons aren't usable in dim light (at least not for 50+ year old eyes).
Thanks for the reference to the hi-point forum.
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