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RMR-30 (Kel-Tec .22 WMR semi-auto Rifle in the works!)

Even though the PMR-30 is just barely available it looks like Kel-Tec is already working on a rifle version. It looks a lot like the Grendel R31 back in the day, sort of like the HK MP7 or something. Very exciting!

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it's a good idea I suppose but the magazine swaps with the pistol does it? or I would not consider one.
actually .22mag ammo is actually more costly than cast slug .38 spcl ammo.
and not reloadable.
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But They Both Are Sosss Much FUN To Shoot!!

Yep...way back "in the day" we had both the Grendel Pistol and Carbine and they BOTH were a gas to shoot....all day long!! Both were as fun to shoot as my Ruger 10-22 and Sig Misquito are today.

Of course .22 WRFM ammo was a whole bunch $cheaper$ then. If memory serves, both the carbine, pistol, straps, a nice scope, 10 mags and a brick of 500 rounds of ammo all weighed less than 12 pounds. Back pack.

Believe it or not, with Winchester ammo, over 2000 rounds were put thru both without a single stoppage of any kind. The pistol was amazing, if you could see it, you could hit it within 5 shots, including way over 200 yards.

The downer was that the pistol was extremely noisy (.30 Tokarov level) (sp?) and since the ammo was quite dirty, frequent cleaning for both was very necessary. The carbine shot inside 2" at 100 yards!!!

The up side was that recoil was non existant; at least to us. I suppose that more $money$ will change hands and we WILL DO IT AGAIN!! Guessing here that they are both. IMPROVED Grendel models. He he he. HB of CJ (old coot)
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Now if only I could get them to make my fricking RFB in .223 already.
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