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Rossi Circuit Judge, where do I even put this?

Caliber............... .45 Long Colt, .410 2.5" and 3" shells
Capacity.............5 rounds
Finish.................Wood / Blue
Overall Length.....38"
Weight...............4.75 lbs
Front Sight.........Fiber optics
Rear Sight..........Fiber optic

I know that we've probably all seen the Taurus Judge in nutnfancy's video about it and how it's more of a Hollywood revolver than a practical CCW for your EDC. given that, I'd love to see how this does out on the range whenever it's released. I also really have to wonder if it would be CA legal and what it would be classified as given the stock is almost a pistol grip.
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It's not a magazine fed semi-auto, so you should be safe. I'd take it dove hunting buy I don't know how to really plug the extra holes in the revolver.

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make a nice snake gun, that is where there is goverment land boarding water and hard ball is taboo. loaded with buck shot a 410. is as good a snake gun as any...nice , would like to see it shoot though.
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One thing for sure

While many are calling this a 'hinky' gun for those that want to showboat I know several people who have put it in their B.O.B. as the long barrel weapon. It fires ammo that will kill just about anything from snakes to bears and I saw on shot at 50m into jell and it had penetration and wound channel just like my .357 with 158gr JHP although it was just a little bit bigger and far more accurate at that distance than I can shoot a pistol with open sights. We shot it all day with .410 lead, steel (hand loads, but what the hey you can't buy small enough steel off the shelf), and even slugs. Then we shot the new black loads and let me tell you that is one heck of a self defense round. Last we shot 100 rounds of .45 LC and at the end of the day there was not even a bit of wear in the barrel, so the steel, FMJ, and slugs didn't do it any harm. All in all it is a great little gun, but I already have about 25 great little
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I've decided to move this to Guns Misc to increase the looks and opinions, many do not read the chat forum
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Originally Posted by OrenG View Post

I also really have to wonder if it would be CA legal and what it would be classified as given the stock is almost a pistol grip.

I read the cylinder magazine on a shotgun makes it a no go in CA
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I would like to know how accurate the Judge is?
50yrds, 100yrds?
I'm looking at getting one
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not very at long ranges.
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My wife has fallen in love with this, may be testing soon.

Seems they are offering it in a .44 mag as well...

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