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Heavy or Bull Barrel for Savage 110?

There's a particular Savage 110 in .30-06 for sale at a nearby Pawn and Gun that has my fancy. It's old, REAL old. That just adds character to me. I'm not very well versed in the numerous models Savage has produced, but this one is in a wood stock with an internal magazine.

The action and bolt are fine, but the bore is so dark I can safely say I have seen Mosin-Nagant's with brighter bores. Checking the crown I found what I believe to be rust.

The price is what has me still interested: $180. So I think if I can find a new barrel I'll be in business. But Brownells and MidwayUSA only have standard barrels or ones that are not in .30-06. If I'm going to rebarrel it, for the price, I can sink in another $300 and have a true blue target rifle.

But who the heck carries either a Bull Barrel or a Heavy Barrel made for the Savage 110? I do not have experience rebarreling a rifle, so anything already threaded and good to go is what's geared toward me.
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you can buy the barrel and the tools to do it yourself from Brownells. The Savage is a rifle that can be rebarreled easily by a novice as long as you follow the directions.
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Hammerhead, the Savage 110 barrel is held on by a big threaded barrel nut that you should see with the slots in it right in front of the receiver. Brownells has a Savage barrel nut wrench that will take it right off. The rest is easy as pie to change the barrel. Getting a new .30-06 barrel should not be a problem. You might also look at Numerich e-gun parts to see what they have available. Good luck.

P.S. The Savage 110 will be a real good shooter for you. I have the 116 in 7mm Mag., which is the 110 in stainless steel. Most accurate rifle I own. See the picture below that shows the barrel nut.
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ER Shaw Custom Gun Barrels

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OOPS! My bad. Just ck'd eabco and didn't see any 30-06. Might try callin'em
Thanks to all you vets.Past, present and future
Our flag still stands for freedom and they can't take that away.
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Check with Scott at www.savagegunsmithing.com.
He does the best accurizing job for a good price on a Savage than any other gunsmith.
Scott is a true Master Gunsmith (and there are few masters left) and his prices are very reasonable.
Scott might have a new take off barrel for sale.
Many of his customers order his accuracy job and a new high $$$ target barrel at the same time.
Scott may be able to work you a good deal.
Scott works on any type of rifle, shotgun or double rifle and is the best gunsmith that I have ever known.
I am a retired gunsmith and was a pretty darn good smith, but this guy just blows me away.
Scott can arrange for your rifle to be picked up at your home by Fed-x for a far cheaper price than you could send it for. It just needs to be double wrapped. This saves you the hassel of the shipping places saying they can't ship a rifle.

Best Regards, John K
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I would try polishing that old barrel with some JB bore paste and see how she shoots. I had and old 110 in 308 I bought from a guy who keep it on a boat and it looked like crap had lots of rust and pits but it shot like a ray gun. If works don't fix it, unless you just want to spend the $$$s.
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Okay, so Im late to the party. Call Savage and ask them. I had my 11G converted to a 10fp, and it was pretty darn reasonable.
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