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Just bought a Kimber TLE 2...need advice on a few things.

Got it for $600 .

I am not very knowledgeable on competition shooting. Anyone who could recommend some sites or videos for me to check out would be greatly appreciated.

I own a Beretta 92FS, I modified it with hogue grips, a wolff guide rod and a 17lb hammer spring,. I got 16 lb and up to 19lb ones too. I was thinking of getting a firedragon ported barrel for it. I know the 92FS isn't exactly the most popular match grade 9mm (isn't Sig or HK?) but I'm wondering if anyone knows about the successes on this as well I'm not sure when I'll finish modding it, since I am picking up this Kimber (my dream gun, even tho the Beretta is my first and sentimental to me) I will now be working on my 1911 skills.
I admit I have only shot one once. Not a kimber either, can't remember what kind. But after feeling the grips and the way it looks (ordering some Rosewood checkered grips for it, when I can I think Ill get the laser grips) I had to get it, plus it was like 300 bucks cheaper then it ussualy goes for. Anyway my question is, what are some recommended mods for it? Anyone have experience with Kimber's in competiton? From what i've read they are one of the best out-of-the-box 1911s out there...

Any info would be great on my two babies. Thanks!
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I have read your post several times over the last couple of weeks trying to figure out your question. I guess I'll just jump in...What type of competition are you interested in? I don't know of any competitions, IPSC, IDPA, Action Pistol, local club, NRA Bullseye, where a laser grip is allowed or used. I certainly don't know it all though...

For example; what is a Kimber TLE 2?

If it works every time and is reasonably accurate, why would you want to modify it?

Now about the 92FS... the Army spends a lot of time making the service pistol accurate enough for bullseye competition. Is this what you want to do? If so, go to the army marksmanship unit website to learn how they modify the 92FS for competition. Or send it to a good pistolsmith.

The stock 92FS is more than accurate enough for practical pistol competitions.


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Hope this doesn't reach you too late. Trying to get threads moving.

Yeah, you don't need any of that for a Beretta 92. That qualifies as Stock Service Pistol in IDPA and Production in USPSA... but you can't have ported barrels or funky grips and stuff hangin off it. If you need Hogue grips, you ain't doing sumpin right. Use skateboard tape if you have trouble with the grip surface. Very difficult to manipulate a Beretta with those on there.

Ahrends makes excellent grip panels for them and they have a neat thumb bar. Slightly bulkier than the factory plastic, though.

Burner Grips are good as well but I found they chaff my coats and vests.

The premier modification for Beretta 92's is the Wolff Trigger Spring. Get one and the weakest link is taken care of. A Novak rear sight is kinda nice as well.

WOLFF : BERETTA TRIGGER CONVERSION UNIT - World's Largest Supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools - BROWNELLS


Also get some Beretta competition mag pads for you magazines and only use high quality OEM, Italian manufactured mags. Mec-Gar is okay but I like my pile of Pietro Beretta mags.

Beretta Pistol Accessories

That was a good buy on your Kimber. You need to give it a run for a while to see how it does before you do anything to it. For the moment I would just get a handfull of McCormick Power Mags or Wilson 47D's. Kimber makes junk mags; ditch em.
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