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I want to begin competitive shooting but i don't know where to start... any suggestions for websites etc. etc. ...
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Well, that depends on what you want to do. I mainly shoot 10 meter air rifle through the ROTC program at school. A good place to start is at the CMP website, There is a lot of information there. That is all I got. Good Luck.

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look up some of the ranges in your area. You do not always have to be a member to compete. Try out a CMP match to get started towards your card. Good luck
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Do a search for IDPA and IPSC homepages.
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Depends on what you want to do,




Steel Challenge


Appleseed (Not really competitive shooting, is CMP affiliated, teaches Basic Marksmanship while giving a History Lesson)

Airgun Arena has a Air Rifle EMatch
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that great sure shot compeating in ipsc made me a much better shot you learn how to handle under stress but it comes with a price 1000s of rounds down range dillon 550 reloader AR 15 and 870 shot gun and a good 1911 do the search find new friends
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Forgot to mention that Ruger has been trying to help further the Steel Plate .22 LR shooting. Makes some sense.

Some of the guys on one of the Boards I'm on used to or do shoot in other Competitive Sports (IPSC/IDPA/Silhouette/Bullseye), and have been getting into shooting Air Rifles/Air Pistols more. At the present time, we have a Monthly Shooting Competition going, but a few of the guys want to open up another one (can be found under the "Target Shooting" banner. Obviously, Crosman-made air arms.
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