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Gunpowder 45

I have a lachmiller press and am looking for shell holders. Those available today do not fit. Any suggestions?
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Reference Shell holders for a Lachmiller single stage -
If, as the thread states, Herters adapters will work in a Lachmiller press, you can purchase an adapter from the following locations.

Midway USA, RCBS Herters Press Shellholder Adapter
Herters Press Shellholder Adapter

CH4D Herters Shell Holder Adapter
Herters Shell Holder Adapter : CH4D
I use this one in my old Herters press. The press has a large-diamater head, and shell holders are held in place using a set screw.

Buffalo Arms, #409190SH Herters Shell Holder Adapter by CH4D
Buffalo Arms - Product Detail - #409190SH Herters Shell Holder Adapter - $19.69

You should probably write to CH4D to see if they can confirm compatibility.

Hope that helps.
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Thank you for the info. It was extremely helpful
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