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New Hodgdon powder.........

Hey just read this over on 6mmbr, hot off the press;

Hodgdon Powder has introduced a new spherical (ball) powder called CFE™223. Hodgdon claims that this new powder “greatly deters copper fouling” compared to other propellants. Originally developed for U.S. rapid-fire military systems, CFE™223 incorporates a proprietary chemistry named “Copper Fouling Eraser”. Based on tests with extended shot strings, Hodgdon claims that, by using CFE™223, match shooters, varmint hunters, and AR shooters can maintain accuracy for longer periods, with less barrel-cleaning time.

That copper fouling almost drove me to distraction in my Mini14........
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Dang-Rutro;You can sure come up with some "stuff"!Hows that retirement treating you?Been huntin any of them texas hogs?Doing any fishing?You must have one of those 1 in 7" twist minis-They are noted for copper fouling!
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Hey Mark, how ya'll are!!!! Retirement is great long as ya don't want to buy anything!!! Hogs? Man they are bad now. Had a 200#pluss sow and some pigletts come walking down my Dads street at the lake one Saturday morning a couple of years ago.......our little Jack Russel turned into a ridge back hound when that pig snorted and farted. Thats why I've been working up the .308 loads for the Howa.
1-7" twist mini? Ya I got one, finaly started useing moly on the bullits and stopped that for the most part. I'm still trying to get my head arround how some powder can clean up some copper fouling???
"If you don't like the way I'm live'n Jus' leave this long hair'd country boy alone"
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Load sum gas checked lead boolits and forget the "Copper" fowling ! Thats how !
What they come up with next ? No noise powder ?
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Hi Rutro, I also have the retirement problem. I solve it somewhat by shooting a longbow a lot. I also shoot muzzleloaders quite a bit. Both are preety cheap to shoot. I still have to shoot C/F once or twice a week and thats where to money goes. I surely wish I had one of the 1/7 twist mini's, but there goes the money again!!!! In my Mini's I like the Sierra 65gr gameking with a tad of H 335.They shoot real well and will definately kill a deer. FRJ
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Check out last months "Guns and Ammo " Magazine. They did a big write up on the new CFE223 powder. the chems in it cause the copper that would normally foul the barrel to not adhere to the steel and to be forced out from the pressure of the powder gasses.

Nifty stuff... plan to get me an 8 pound jug for $135.00 at Beikirchs next time I am in there.

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I noticed a huge reduction in copper fouling when i switched from win 748 to varget in my .308, using the same sierra 165 gr gamekings. I wasn't looking for it, it just happened. I wonder if they stumbled onto this and exploited it the rest of the way. Sounds like a cool improvement.
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"Developed for the U.S. Military" you want to bet some of the mil-surp ammo you buy has this powder in it. It take our military a llooonnng time to release anything to the public,so they have probably been using it for years.
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