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Taurus 94 review

Hi everyone;

Just got in a Taurus 94 (2" stainless steel snub, adjustable rear, red ramp front, 9 shot .22lr) revolver and after substantial tuning/tinkering/slicking up the results have been solid. This included shortening the hammer spring by 1-1/2 coils and shortening the trigger return spring by a full 2 coils, as well as polishing/deburring the internals and 'truing' some parts with a stone that weren't finished to my standards.

Yesterday I expended over 700ctgs of .22lr and the results were overall good. First off, the CCI minimag had zero failures to fire, which is as it should be. The federal bulk ammo did experience about 1% failures, but rotating the cartridge for a fresh primer strike cured this in every case and I attribute it to the budget ammo rather than the gun (this mimics my long term experience with this loading out of 10/22, Sig Mosquito, MKIII target pistol, etc.)

Mostly I 'shot for effect' at man-size targets once I realized the gun was capable of decent accuracy, but I did try my hand at a couple of groups initially and was favorably impressed (see photo below). Realize that although the range was a mere 7 yards, this was fast DA firing (9 shots in about 6 seconds) free-hand, and that the smaller group to the low-right was a 2 round double tap that caused me to shift aim for the remaining 7 shot group. Once compensation was applied for the earlier 'low right' I held the same point of aim. Overall, the gun is probably capable of better accuracy than I am free-hand.

The bad part of all this is that the gun had a horrendous trigger out of the box, which is what all that work with the stone/2000 grit paper/files/diagonal cutter was for! Still, it is an overall positive review - the timing is good, accuracy shows potential to make a good kit gun, and after cleaning up the action it is now as smooth as any of my smiths.

Anyway, as a project gun/understudy gun to practice trigger control/flash sight pictures/etc I like it, but must strongly caution that the trigger on my example was truly bad when I first got it. On the other hand, I feel more confident with my beloved S&W Bodyguard after all this practice!

All the best,
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